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Objectives and Contents

This international Symposium aims at the international academic exchange on the topics of Processing, Analysis, Research and Application of Lunar and Planetary Exploration Data, especially related to Chang’e-3, Lunar Reconnssance Orbiters, and other missions.
The scope of this symposium includes but not limited to
  ◊ Lunar and planetary composition
  ◊ Lunar and planetary topography
  ◊ Lunar and planetary surfaces
  ◊ Lunar and planetary gravity fields
  ◊ Impacts process
  ◊ Lunar and planetary chronologies
  ◊ Origin and evolution of the Moon and planets
  ◊ Meteorites
  ◊ Moon-based astronomical observations
  ◊ Lunar and planetary plasma environments
  ◊ Future missions
Paper submission
Authors are invited to submit a Two-Page Extended Abstract (including text and key figures) in the form of an electronic file in WORD format to the following email address before the May 10, 2014.

All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed.

All accepted papers will be presented in the symposium and included in the symposium proceedings.

Email address:

Click here to download the template for submission.
The accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the symposium.

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