FHTM Mentorship Meeting

To enrich and strengthen students' knowledge and confidence in choosing their major, the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism held the mentor-sharing lectures from 6PM to 9PM on November 27th and 28th, 2017. The participants were mainly freshman majoring in international tourism management. By attending the sessions, students can better understand different majors in the FHTM and make the right decision on choosing the area which is good for their future career development.

During the meeting, the mentors (Dr. Feng, Yan, Dr. Wong, Jose, Dr. Zhang, Meng and Christy Lau) respectively shared their knowledge with our students in the major of hotel management, MICE management, cultural tourism management and gaming management by focusing on the course content, condition of the study, and the development trend of the major, and the meeting also provided Q&A section for communication and discussion between students and mentors.