Guest Lecture: Communicating for results- TIMONTHY MILLETT – Director of Learning and Advancement of Wynn Palace


TIMOTHY MILLETT, Director of Learning and Advancement of Wynn Palace, went to Macau University of Science and Technology on October 24, 2017, and gave a talk on the topic of "Communicating for results". Over 120 students (including the classes of DE2 travel Agency Operations and Management, DE2-4 Travel and Hotel Service Management) attended the guest lecture.

In the lecture, TIMOTHY MILLETT first shared seven factors of "the wheel of success", namely “peace of mind, Able to live life as I choose, Fulfilling relationships, Heath, Self-growth, Financial independence and Meaningful work.” However, even the same question addressed to different people results in different perceptions. TIMOTHY MILLETT uses a small experiment to illustrate this situation. Therefore, effective communication concerns how people think and how to get the message across.

TIMOTHY MILLETT also mentioned that in daily communication, there are three ways to obtain information including vocal, visual and verbal elements. People believe more about visual communication; 55% of the receivers trust this element most, followed by the vocal element (38%), and lastly, the verbal element (7%). In our daily communication, it is necessary to use wisely the three elements in order to enable audience to better receive and understand the message conveyed. TIMOTHY MILLETT also introduced the four styles of communication including analytical, structural, social and conceptual styles. The first two styles are logical and latter two styles are more emotional. He also emphasized the power of questioning and empathically listening to demonstrate the leadership role within a team.

Overall, this guest lecture provided students with a pleasant learning experience through which they can be able to improve their communication skills benefitting their personal and career development.

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