Faculty Introduction

The Faculty of Law was established in March 2000, and has unique and distinctive features which derived from the historical context of multiculturalism and the trend of cross-border legal developments. It commits to educate students to be legal professionals as custodians of rule of law, with good moral character, high professional ability and spirit of service to society and the people.

The Faculty has created the programs of Bachelor of Laws(LLB), Master of Laws, Juris Master, Master of Laws in Criminal Justice, Master of International Economic and Commercial Law, Master of International Arbitration and Doctor of Laws(Ph.D.) in 9 majors (including Legal Theory, History of Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Civil Law and Business Law, Criminal Law, Economic Law, International Law, Legal Procedure, Environmental and Natural Resources Protection Law).

In accordance with the principle of “one country, two systems”, the Faculty conducts a two parallel courses of Macau Law and Chinese Law in the Bachelor of Laws Degree Program in which the courses covering a wide range of subjects including local law, Mainland law, international law and the laws of world major legal systems, and especially advocates for the teaching, research and learning of comparative law in the Postgraduate Programs. Moreover, the Faculty has been organizing several regular academic competitions including The Guanying Cup Legal Essay Contest and The Wangyang Cup Law Debate Competition, and set up study clubs to help students to promote the greater ties between theory and practice.

The Faculty puts more weights on the study of comparative law and cross-border legal issues, extensively invites scholars from the cross-strait four-regions and around the world, creates trans-territory research platforms, and organizes various academic activities so as to promote the communication between teachers and students, to create academic atmosphere and enhance the influence of the Faculty. The Shizi Gate Master Lecturer invites well-known jurists and legal professionals from all over the world to give speeches on significant legal academic and practical issues. The Shizi Gate Legal Forum provides platforms for lawyers, law students and interdisciplinary specialists to communicate and exchange ideas, which will motivate fundamental law theories research and cross-disciplinary research or even drive the development of legislation and public policies.

The Faculty has established The Research Center for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution and The Legal Practice and Education Center, both of which have developed cooperative relationships with legal institutions, arbitration organizations and law firms from the Great China District, providing students with a wealth of opportunities of academic training and practice, and providing legal training courses for the community.

Profiting from the Macau’s traditional superiority as a melting pot of eastern and western cultures and its unique geographic advantages, the Faculty actively carries out foreign academic and teaching exchange activities, and has built up more and more effective cooperation relationships with foreign academic institutions and professional units. As the first member of The Mainland-Hong Kong-Macau Law Education Alliance and the youngest member of The Asian Law Institute, the Faculty has been continuously enhancing its strength and influence.

Macau has been in the intersection of east and west for more than four hundred years, full of changing history of Chinese and foreign laws and diversified legal cultures. There’s still a long way to go for Macau’s law reform and legal development after its return to China. And the Mainland China is entering into a new stage for the modernization of national governance and the development of rule of law. Both districts have urgent need of outstanding legal talents. At the same time, the regional integration and international cooperation has been in full swing, the relationship between Macau and the Mainland China, among the cross-strait four-regions and even within the globe has become increasingly closer, and the cross-border legal talents is even more indispensable. The Faculty defines itself in the context of these diversified cultures and the development of cross-border laws, and sets its own mission and vision:

Basing on Macau and even the Cross-strait Four-regions, extending to the international level, cultivates local and cross-border legal talents by the way of multicultural means.

Welcome you to the Faculty of Law. Let’s fulfill the mission and achieve the vision together.