[News] Professor ZENG Huaqun, Dean of Law Faculty Attended 5th Asian Law Schools Deans’ Forum

Professor ZENG Huaqun, Dean of Law Faculty attended 5th Asian Law Schools Deans’ Forum held in National University of Singapore during 21st and 22nd February 2017. The Forum was organized by National University of Singapore and Renmin University of China Law School, aiming at providing a platform for Deans of Law Schools from Asian countries and regions to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing legal education today. This year, the focuses are on the Roles of Asian Law Schools, Experiential Learning, Interdisciplinary Programmes, Information Technology and the Law, Civil Law v. Common Law, and Globalization in Asian. 69 Deans and leaders of Law Schools from Asia and Australia were invited to participate in the Forum. Professor ZENG made a presentation on “the Practice of the Interdisciplinary Teaching in a Developing Law School”, introducing the unique mission of Faculty of Law at Macau University of Science and Technology in the context of “One Country Two System” and the interdisciplinary teaching experience for postgraduates. Professor ZENG also discusses the topics of Civil Law v. Common Law and Globalization in Asian with panelists in Q & A sections. By the Forum and meeting, Professor ZENG has promoted the academic links with delegates from other Law Schools in the region.

Professor ZENG Huaqun (first from right on the platform) made a presentation in 5th Asian Law Schools Deans’ Forum