[News] A lecture held by Prof. Fan Jian from Law School of Nanjing University

A lecture titled “Compiled under the background of the civil code of commercial affairs legislation system and the general principles of the commercial law legislation research” was held in the moot court of Faculty of Law B601. The lecture was hosted by the Faculty of Law, Macau University of Science and Technology (Hereinafter named MUST) and sponsored by the Macau Foundation. The lecture was delivered by Professor Fan Jian from the Law School of Nanjing University, and he is also the vice president of Commercial Law Institute of China Law Society.

Professor Fang Quan, executive deputy dean of the Faculty of Law in MUST; associate professor Yi Zaicheng, director of Postgraduate Programs; assistant professor Xie Gengliang, director of Bachelor Program and undergraduate, postgraduate students, totally more than one hundred people, have attended the lecture. Prof. Fan firstly introduced the history background to the compile of Chinese Civil Code, and gave full affirmation to the General Rules of Civil Law protocol under current deliberation, but he also raised every issue when private rights domain inextricable purely with Civil Code. He said Civil Law advocates the spirit of natural ethics, Commercial Law regulates business operations, profit is the quintessence of business ethics, if commercial affairs ethics were to lead into the Civil Law, this will not only decrease the level of entire social ethics and moral, but also retrogress a country’s civilization progress. To conclude, he combined the development of European Lex Mercatoria with the international trend of commercial affairs legislation, proposed to firstly enact the “General Commercial Law” prior to the legislation of Chinese commercial affairs, gradually complete Chinese “Codification of Commercial Affairs” in order to compile the China Commercial Code ultimately. Prof. Fan has specially mentioned the enact of China Commercial Code should learn from Macau Commercial Code and encourage students to proceed research under this direction.

Prof. Fan has delivered the lecture in simple but profound, and the discourse was cited from various authorities at all times and in all over the world. The whole lecture was unusually brilliant, the students were all earnest audiences with active interaction and overwhelming responses. In the Q & A section, Prof. Fan answered the value orientation with respect to Civil Law and Commercial Law, internet as a challenge to Commercial Law, the systematic arrangement of commercial affairs codification and many other related questions.

In the end, the dirctor of Postgraduate Programs, associate professor Yi Zaicheng made the conclusion words and expressed his sincere gratitude to Prof. Fan’s splendid lecture, the lecture end in a satisfactory way.

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