MUST researcher wins the CNPHARS-Servier Prize for Young Investigators in Pharmacology

Dr. Zhu Xiaoming, Assistant Professor of the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicines, Macau University of Science and Technology, was awarded the 21st CNPHARS-Servier Prize for Young Investigators in Pharmacology. The Awarding Ceremony was held at the 2nd Biennial CNPHARS-ASPET Joint Symposia, which was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang from November 2nd to 5th, 2017. On behalf of the prize winners, Dr. Zhu Xiao Ming spoke at the ceremony; the prize represents the highest honor for national young pharmacologists.

Dr. Zhu Xiao Ming from M.U.S.T. won the 21st CNPHARS-Servier Prize for Young Investigators in Pharmacology

The CNPHARS-Servier Young Pharmacologist Prize was jointly launched by the Chinese Pharmacological Society and the Servier International (France) in 1997, with the purpose of awarding and providing incentives for young Chinese pharmacologists to achieve great works. The assessment panel of the awards is jointly constituted by Chinese and French experts, and each year no more than eight winners would be selected; the competition has been fierce. Dr. Zhu Xiao Ming is the only one from the south China region among all the winners of this year.