M.U.S.T. Students Won World Champion at the 2016 Global Management Challenge

The Macao team, which is teamed up by students of Macau University of Science and technology, participated in the “2016 Global Management Challenge – Doha International Finals”, which was held in Doha, capital of Qatar from April 10 to 12, excelled among 23 global teams and claimed the honor of world championship. The Global Management Challenge is the largest annual competition for strategy and management simulation; this has been the second time for M.U.S.T. students to claim world championship.

Members of the championed team of the Global Management Challenge include postgraduates of M.U.S.T. School of Business: Tang Xin Rui and Zhou Ying, undergraduate Liu Yuan of M.S.B., and undergraduate Liu Zhang Bo of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts. Their coaches include Vice President Pang Chuan and Assistant ProfessorLin Yong Jia.

Vice President Pang was delighted to learn that the students had won world champion; he noted that the honor represents the students’ capacity in fully utilizing their knowledge for practical purposes; he praised that M.U.S.T. students have performed excellently and reached international standards.

This February, the winning team stood out among 111 teams at the Macao final and won candidacy for the international final. In order to prepare well for the international finals, the students have spent a lot of time and efforts collecting a large amount of data, deliberating, and rehearsing. With their rich knowledge and proficient techniques, they built on their experience from the previous competitions, applied the knowledge they learned from classes comprehensively, exerted high standards throughout the entire competition, and finally claimed the great honor of world championship.

M.U.S.T. students have always performed well at the Global Management Champion, and they were international championship of 2007 Global Management Champion, and won championship or both championship and runner-ups of the Macao-wide finals several times.

The Global Management Challenge makes changes every year according to the global economy; the participating teams need to make flexible decisions based on the current situations, using knowledge of finance, management, and operations. For each year’s international finals, there are twenty to thirty winning teams from all over the world; the contestants are international elite; the hosting city of the event changes annually. By taking part in the competition, the students not only enhance the knowledge they have learned but also improve their capabilities in management and decision-making; they can also interact with other international teams, understand the management culture and operation methods of different places, and therefore broaden their horizons. The students express that it has been a valuable real-practice experience for them.

The Global Management Challenge (GMC) is a global simulation competition for corporate management; it crosses five continents of the world, and has been officially certified by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD); it has had more than 20 years’ history, and is the world’s largest strategy and management competition. The GMC first holds regional competitions in different regions of the world so as to produce the regional champions, who will then represent the local regions to compete with the other 20 plus winning teams of other countries or regions at the international finals.

The championed students pose with the judges of the “2016 Global Management Challenge – Doha International Finals”