M.U.S.T. firstly receives NSFC research fund

The Zhuhai M.U.S.T. Science Research Academy, founded by Macau University of Science and Technology in Zhuhai, has been awarded funding successfully from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in its call for 2017 Research Projects Fund. This is the first time M.U.S.T. applied for the fund and five research projects out of 14 applications will be receiving a total of RMB1.59 million research funding, including a General Program project and four Young Scientists Fund projects.

Projects of the General Program aimed to conduct innovative scientific research and promote equilibrium, coordination and sustainable development of different disciplines. Assistant Professor Zhu Menghua from the Space Science Institute will lead the research project that won funding from the General Program of the NSFC. Young Scientists Fund aimed to provide support for young scientists and technicians, to host scientific projects independently and improve their abilities in innovative research, this also facilitate innovative thinking and to nurture the future generations of talents for basic research. Researchers awarded Young Scientists Fund are Associate Professor Dang Pei, Assistant Professor Xiao Xuanxuan, and Assistant Professor Yang Lei from the Faculty of Information Technology, and Post-doc Researcher Xie Lianghai from the Space Science Institute.

President Liu Liang felt greatly encouraged by the delightful news of receiving the NSFC funding, for which he would like to thank the nation’s support. He said M.U.S.T. will continue to reinforce its policy of attaching equal importance to both teaching and research, provide incentives and support for its research and faculty members to conduct innovative research, and commit to development of excellent quality education and extraordinary research.