Registry Affairs

The scope of services of the Academic Registry-Registry Affairs is as follows:


For Prospective Students
1.  Handling admission applications
2.  Arranging admission examinations
3.  Coordinating and administering offers to prospective students
4.  Coordinating the registration of prospective students


For Current Students
1.  Supervising affairs of student registration and managing the status of students in the University
2.  Compiling and revising the regulations governing students
3.  Arranging and coordinating the publication of Student Handbook
4.  Handling deferral and withdrawal of studies, termination of student status, reinstatement of studies, change of programs, etc.
5.  Reckoning students’ grades, issuing Notification Letters and Academic Transcripts, etc.
6.  Verifying and issuing academic certifications
7.  Printing various certificates issued by the University


For Potential Graduates and Graduates
1.  Administering the procedures for graduation and conferment of degrees
2.  Verifying the fulfillment of graduation requirements for potential graduates
3.  Printing and issuing the Graduation Certificates
4.  Managing the files of graduates
5.  Arranging and coordinating congregations


1.  Completing statistics and other required data related to students
2.  Coordinating the submission for approval of new programs or revision of existing programs
3.  Carrying out other tasks in accordance with the needs or requirements of the University


Note: The above are subject to changes as published by the University.