Open Project Application of Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory

Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory, Macau University of Science and Technology
Partner Laboratory of Key Laboratory of Lunar and Deep Space Exploration, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Instructions for Open Project Application

I. Introduction

The Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory of Macau University of Science and Technology (hereafter referred to as Laboratory) is a partner laboratory of the Key Laboratory of Lunar and Deep Space Exploration of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Working closely with its partner laboratory, the Laboratory pursues academic research with a focus on scientific results derived from China’s Lunar and Deep Space Exploration Program. In view of the large amount of data that are or will soon be made available through this national effort, the Laboratory has been quickly building up its strength in performing data analysis and interpretation, as well as in studying fundamental mechanisms of related processes. The Laboratory is striving to achieve prominent international standing in lunar and planetary research.

In consideration of the mid-to-long-term plan of China’s Lunar and Deep Space Exploration Program, the international development of planetary exploration, and the current strength of the Laboratory, four main research directions have been identified as focus of the Laboratory’s development in 2015-2019:

  1. Lunar and planetary geomorphology, geochemistry, physicalprocesses, structure and evolution;
  2. Planetary atmospheres and space environments;
  3. Giant planets and exoplanets;
  4. Small bodies of the Solar System.

To multiply the effort in these four directions, the Laboratory is calling for wider participation of the research community by introducing the Open Project Program. The Laboratory’s Open Project Program is a funding opportunity open to researchers in the lunar and planetary science or closely related areas. It serves to encourage new ideas in basic and application research in the field, to cultivate young talents, to promote interdisciplinary study, and to facilitate inter-institutional collaborations.

II. Scope and Guidelines

  1. Applicants can choose their own research topics, generally in accordance with the main research directions of the Laboratory listed above, but topics in closely related cross-disciplinary areas canbe considered.
  2. Both domestic and international researchers who work on lunar and planetary sciences can apply for Open Project funding.
  3. Faculty members of the Laboratory should not apply for Open Project. Butat least one faculty member of the Laboratory should be included in the team of an Open Project application, as a collaborator.
  4. Generally, the duration of funding for approved projects is 2 years (starting from January 1st of the year following its approval).Extension of one year could be applied for projects if justified.Each approved project will receive funding around $50,000 - 150,000 MOP.
  5. Each project should produce at least one peer-reviewed research paper in a reputable SCI journal.The Laboratory should be listed in the 2nd affiliation of the first author. The acknowledgement should contain the following information: “This work was supported (or partially supported) by Open Project (039/2013/A2) of Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory (MUST) — Partner Laboratory of Key Laboratory of Lunar and Deep Space Exploration (CAS)”.

III. Processing of Application

  1. The “Open Project Application Form” can be downloaded from the website of the Laboratory (Click here).
  2. The application deadline is September 30th every year.
  3. Please fill in the “Open Project Application Form” carefully, according to Instructions for Open Project Application. Send the full application to the Laboratory through e-mail ( and mail three hard copies of all pages containing signatures or seals to the Laboratory before the deadline.
  4. An applicant with a Senior Title (associate professor, associate researcher or above) can apply directly; otherwise the applicant needs to be recommended by an expert in the field with a senior title. The application form should be approved and signed by the organization of the applicant.
  5. Submitted applications will be peer-reviewed according to scientific merit, track records of applicant/personnel, and likelihood of successful completion. Based on the evaluation results, the Academic Committee and the Director of the Laboratory will determine the successful applications and the allocation of grants.
  6. The results of application will be announced by e-mail before December 31st every year. The application forms and materials will not be returned, please keep your own copies.

IV. Administration of Research Expenditure

  1. The proposed budget should provide an outline of grant usage in accordance with the project objectives and compatible with regulations issued bythe Macau University of Science and Technologyand the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macau.
  2. Once awarded, the successful applicant should return the acceptanceform within 2 weeks and sign the “Open Fund Sponsorship Contract”. Under the terms of the contract, the Laboratory will send the awarded amount directly to the institution of the Principal Investigator (PI). An officialreceipt with seal of the total amount must be issued by the PI’s institution and delivered to the Laboratory immediately.
  3. It is the responsibility of the PI’s institution to monitor the usage of the project fund and to manage the accounting. The budget usage should be compatible with the proposed budget outline.
  4. At the point of project closing, the remained balance of the Open Project grant will be returned to the Laboratory and re-deposited in the Laboratory’s Open Project reserve.

V. Management and Evaluation of Achievements

  1. Authorship of any outcome of a supported project follows the standard scientific practice based on significance of contribution. The collaborating faculty member from the Laboratory should actively contribute and participate as an author. The Laboratory should be listed in the 2nd affiliation of the 1st author as following:


    English:Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory, MUST — Partner Laboratory of Key Laboratory of Lunar and Deep Space Exploration, CAS

    The acknowledgement should contain the following information: “This work was supported by opening fund of Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory, MUST — Partner Laboratory of Key Laboratory of Lunar and Deep Space Exploration, CAS (Macau FDCT grant No. 039/2013/A2)”.

  2. The following materials should be submitted on schedule:

    1. Submit the “Open Project Annual Report” (click here) before December 31st of the first year, and submit the “Open Project Final Report”(click here) by December 31st of the second year.
    2. Submit hardcopies and softcopies of achievements (papers, monographs, or patents with Laboratory affiliation) supported bythe Open Project.
    3. The Principal Investigator could be invited to give a presentation of the achievements in the Academic Committee Meeting of the Laboratory.

  3. All the outcomes of the Open Project grants will be evaluated. The Principal Investigator of an outstanding Open Project grant can be given priority in a new application.
  4. The Laboratory has the right to check the implementation and progress of a granted Open Project, and to exercise adjustment, suspension or cancellation of the grant if the progress is found unsatisfactory.