Director's Message

Welcome to the Educational Development Centre’s website.  The Centre is an exciting new development for the University.  If you want to become an outstanding teacher, an outstanding learner, a successful researcher and writer, an effective supervisor, a highly‑skilled administrator, or if you want to find out about best practices and the latest developments in teaching, learning, assessment, supervision, researching, and administrative operations, then this Centre is for you! 

The Centre will enable you join a professional development community that is research-informed and practically oriented, with specialist-supported development and services.  It provides you with access to the highest quality, up-to-date professional services and resources of all kinds: human, material, technological, intellectual and online.

Whether you are a new teacher, researcher or supervisor, a newly appointed member of the university’s administration, or whether you are a more experienced member of the university, or have come from another university, the Educational Development Centre will cater for your ongoing professional development and educational support needs.  We aim to provide a supportive, focused, safe and respectful environment in which you can give, share and receive support, try out new ideas, learn up‑to‑date practices and become an effective member of the university.

We have a team of experienced staff contributing to the work of the Centre, backed up with access to significant resources and expertise. The Centre arranges a range of programs, short and long courses, workshops, seminars, special events, consultation services, together with materials and online resources to enable you to become efficient and effective in your work, and to enjoy learning and development.

Look at our website to find out more about our work and to find out how to become part of our Centre and benefit from its services.  The Centre is open to any member of the University, and we welcome you to it.

Professor Keith Morrison

Director of the Educational Development Centre



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