Academic Affairs

1. Improving and managing teaching schemes – Academic Registry is responsible to organize and assist all the faculties to establish and examine study plans and reforms in order to cope with the needs of the society and the University. It is also responsible to monitor execution and coordination of all plans.

2. Drafting and amending teaching regulations – Academic Registry is responsible to revise regularly all kinds of regulations governing teaching and lecturers and to examine and monitor their implementation.

3. Other responsibilities of Academic Registry are to assure the teaching quality of the University and maintain overall coordination and management between teaching quality and teaching activities. It has to implement concrete administrative services about capital construction, on-job training for teachers, examination and evaluation on teachers’ quality, teaching reforms.

4. Organizing classes, planning class timetables, arranging class sessions, keeping track of lectures conducted, allocating classrooms, etc.

5. Arranging and organizing Department of General Studies including arrangement of classes, organization of programmes, administration of teachers, organization of academic activities and second class activities, etc.

6. Coordinating arrangement of teaching material and governing implementation of these material according to study plans.

7. Drafting and implementing student awards and penalties scheme, organizing class discipline regulations and penalties, monitoring students’ attendance.

8. Arranging and examining course enrolment, add/drop of courses.

9. Coordinating and organizing examinations including compiling examination timetables, printing and collating examination papers, arranging examination venues and invigilation, etc.

10. Processing and examining all kinds of applications from students.

Besides the above functions and responsibilities, the Academic Registry will implement related tasks according to the needs of Academic Affairs Division and the University and actual situations.

* The above information is subject to changes made by the University.

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