Information about In-Person Registration and your first steps being a new student in MUST

registration page registration page
  • Information about In-Person Registration: please check out via OAS.
  • Study Plan/Program Introduction: please check out via OAS.
  • The University Calendar & Public Holidays / University Recess
  • Course Enrollment Confirmation Period: 2020/9/18-20 (applicable to credit-based undergraduate programs and Pre-U Studies) Remark: Please pay attention to the notice about enrollment issued by Academic Registry in mid of September.
  • Useful Information for Current Students, Study Related Information, Activities & Development, Campus Services & Facilities, Policies & Regulations can be checked via MUST webpage>current students>Undergraduate & Pre-U or QR code below starting in September.  Remark: part of the information can only be checked through student portal, the login account will be issued after verification of registration.

    registration page