MUST Career Day 2016 President Liu Liang Calls for Graduating Students to Seize Opportunities, Fulfill Aspirations, and Prepare to Serve the Society

The officiating guests of the opening ceremony of the MUST career day 2016. (From left to right: Chair Prof. Pang Su Seng, Mr. Chang Heng Pan, Mr. Ieong Meng Chao, Mr. Hung Bo, Mr. Sou Chio Fai, Ms. Zhong Yi, Ms. Mang Sui Yee, Chair Prof. Liu Liang and Prof. Chen Xi)


     14 March, 2016, the MUST Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning held the Opening Ceremony for the MUST Career Day 2016 at the N101 auditorium of the Block N Library Building. The Fair runs for three consecutive days, having attracted the participation of over 140 enterprises from Macau, Hong Kong, and the mainland China, which has set up 96 booths at the site; there will also be more than 50 career talks provided for the graduating students to get a hold of the corporate cultures, job requirements, interview skills, and other desired aspects of knowledge. When addressing the Opening Ceremony, President Liu Liang expressed wishes that the graduating students take advantage of the platform and opportunities made available by the MUST Career Day and make good preparations for exploring their careers, making true their aspirations, and serving the society.

     President Liu Liang also noted in his speech that in the past sixteen years since the inception of the University, it has been upholding its motto, “dedication to practical studies, and enhancement of knowledge, ability and quality”, in implementing the policy of attaching equal importance to both teaching and research, building up the University’s strength by bringing in excellent talents, and fully seizing three key factors for its development, namely, “innovation”, “quality”, and “effectiveness”, making exponential efforts in furthering high-quality education and extraordinary research, campaigning hard to move forward the industrialization of research outcomes and the internationalization of the University, and fostering highly desirable talents that love Macau and the motherland and have both innovative spirits and applied capabilities for Macau’s harmony and stability and for the moderately diversified and sustainable development of Macau’s economy, which has moved the University closer to its goal of becoming a renowned university in the Asia-Pacific region.

     The President revealed that currently there are over ten thousand students pursuing studies at the MUST, including more than 2,300 graduate students and over 8,000 undergraduate students. In recent years, MUST has made tremendous progresses and advancements in fostering talents, academic research, social services and other regards; the University has brought in a great number of leading scholars and new teachers of different academic fields, which has greatly strengthened and optimized the University’s management team and its faculty team. In the meantime, the University also responded closely to the development demands of the Macau community and its economy, and has begun to offer a number of new programs, which has greatly optimized the University’s program structure, and improved the University’s educational standards. What’s more, the University has made new historical records both in journal publications and in the granting of IPs; the University also newly installed some new teaching and research institutes, including the Macau Academy of Cinematic Arts and the Macau Environmental Research Institute, which has greatly expanded the research capacity of the University.

     President Liu Liang noted that the University must attach high importance to the entrepreneurship and career planning of the students and provide the corresponding desired support, which is why the University established the Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning in 2010, in the hope of strengthening the ties between the University and the big corporations, providing the students with better access to career platforms and career related information, elevating the competitiveness of the University’s graduating students in the job market, and further uncovering the development potentials of the graduating students.

     From 2010 to 2015, the University generated over 13,000 graduates, of which more than 40 percent are locals. Based on the relevant surveys on the graduation destinations of the local graduated students of bachelor programs in the past six years with regard to employment and pursuit of further studies, the employment rate and the rate for pursuing further studies hit 95 percent.

     This June, the University is expected to generate another 2,000 undergraduates and 900 graduates graduating from the University; they will take up their roles in the society and make contributions for the society using their expertise. The scale of this year’s Career Day has been the largest over the past years, with 4,500 vacant posts made available by the participating enterprises. The companies in the surrounding region have always been active in participating in the MUST Career Day over the past years, and they come from a wide-range of industries and businesses, including banks, finance, hotels, gaming entertainment, insurance, education, real estate, telecommunication, science and technology, retail, culture and media, transportation, and so on. For this year’s Career Day, we’ve invited 15 mainland Chinese companies in hope of providing more career platforms for the mainland Chinese students that are pursuing studies here in Macau.

     President Liu Liang said that the Career Day is a good platform for the students to seek for their ideal work positions, and that he hoped that the students would seize the opportunity, take part in the event actively, and, in the meantime, make practical preparations in planning their career, enhance their professional expertise and skills, and improve their overall competitiveness.

     The officiating guests of the Opening Ceremony of the Career Day include Mr. Sou Chio Fai, Director of Tertiary Education Services Office, Mr. Hung Bo, Division Chief of Department of Education and Culture of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macau, Ms. Zhong Yi, Member of Macau Foundation Administration Committee, Mr. Ieong Meng Chao, Director of Statistics and Census Service, Ms. Mang Sui Yee, Department Head of Labour Affairs Bureau, Mr. Chang Heng Pan, Department Head of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, Chair Prof. Liu Liang, President of Macau University of Science and Technology, Vice-President Pang Su Seng and Vice-President Chen Xi. Representatives of more than 100 firms and organizations, and the University faculty and staff also participated in the warm and grand ceremony.