MUST Faculty of Information Technology Students Visit Wynn Palace

On November 10, 2016, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning (CECP) at Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) organized a group of 23 teachers and students from the Faculty of Information Technology (FI) to visit Wynn Palace, aiming to foster interaction of the students and company, and to assist them to learn more about the job market so to start their career planning.

Upon the arrival at Wynn Palace, the Wynn team gave an introduction of their property and management philosophy. The upcoming guided tour began with the Heart of House area including the dining area “Meet & Eat” and the leisure area “Learning Lounge”, followed by the IT Helpdesk Office and the data center, in which the FI students and teachers could have a close look of their daily operation and working environment. In addition to the tour, MUST and Wynn team had a discussion on the job requirements, training and career prospect. The group of MUST students and teachers also had an opportunity to take the SkyCab and enjoy the dancing fountain of the Performance Lake.

Li Jianqing, the Assistant Dean of FI, said the tour was fruitful, an outstanding company not only needed to provide excellent service to its customers, but also to its team. The attitude of “people make people happy” could certainly give the students some inspiration.

Amy Chan, coordinator of CECP, said it was the first time Wynn Palace offered a behind the scenes tour to students, it was beneficial for them as they could know more about the future working environment, as well as the corporate culture, especially after getting a peek at information technology team’s operation. More university-enterprise cooperation events would be held by CECP in the near future.

           A senior student from FI said the tour increased his understanding of Wynn’s operation and philosophy. Another senior student added that she liked Wynn’s working environment, their employee passion and the teamwork spirit was admirable. 


Photos of MUST students, teachers and Wynn Staff