About the Centre

The Educational Development Centre:

  • provides walk-in, online, self-access, multi-access, documentary and face-to-face support services for students and staff in teaching, learning, research and administration;
  • develops and supports teaching, learning, research and supervision, providing staff development for new and more experienced staff;
  • provides preparation of Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants and administrative staff;
  • provides staff development, higher level and advanced training for higher level administrative staff;
  • enhances student-centred learning, learner-centred, outcomes-based education, skills-based and competence-based learning;
  • supports the mentoring and welfare care for students;
  • keeps abreast of, disseminates and promotes the use of developments in teaching and learning, the latest technologies, information technology, software and multimedia, other technologies, and e-learning;
  • provides pan-university research training programs in the social, human and natural sciences;
  • provides immediate access to, technical and documentary support for, and training in, major software programs for research and administration;
  • conducts and reports research into teaching and learning in higher education, collects, disseminates and applies findings on the most up-to-date research on teaching and learning;
  • provides seminars, workshops, programs and multi-media support for instructional design, curricula, teaching, learning, assessment, research and supervision, with ‘model courses’ in each Faculty;
  • promotes the highest quality administration development and practice.

The scope of its work includes, for example:

Teaching, Learning and Assessment (click here)
Curriculum matters (click here)
Evaluation (click here)
Research and Supervision (click here)
Administration and management (click here)
Professional and personal development (click here)
Facilities and resources (click here)
Documentation (click here)

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