Macau University of Science and Technology places great emphasis on high-quality teaching, improving teaching quality, cultivating excellent teachers and highlighting the task of teaching and educating.  To honour, award and thank teachers for their excellent teaching performance and their significant contribution to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching in the University, the University established the Teaching Excellence Award in 2008.  

Awards are made on an annual basis.  There are two categories of Award (see the section Eligibility and Awards):

 1. Excellent Teacher (for full-time teachers at M.U.S.T who have been working at the University for two years or longer).

 2. Rising Star (for full-time teachers at M.U.S.T with up to and including no more than four years of full-time teaching, a minimum of two of which must be in M.U.S.T.). 

Nominations can be made by: (a) faculties; (b) students and (c) self-nomination (see the section Nomination).

The nominations are reviewed by the Teaching Excellence Award Committee (see the section The Teaching Excellence Award Committee).  Applicants whose names go forward for consideration for the award: (a) have their teaching portfolio assessed; (b) have their teaching observed; (c) have their course evaluations for the preceding two years considered by the Committee; and each (d) have a brief interview with selected members of the Teaching Excellence Award Committee (see the section Criteria for the Award).

The decision on winners of the Award is taken by the Senate.

There is a timetable of important dates for the Award (see the section Time Frames for the Award).  The application process closes early in the second semester, and the process is completed by the end of the second semester each year.  Certificates of Merit are conferred by the President at the following academic year’s Opening Ceremony.