Application materials submitted by each candidate are assessed by the Teaching Excellence Award Assessment Committee. The following two factors are taken into account in the selection of Award winners:

1. Teaching Competency:

  • Impact of teaching on student learning;
  • Ability to motivate and inspire students to learn;
  • Facilitation and enhancement of student learning;
  • Design and planning for effective student learning;
  • Effective use of a range of teaching strategies;
  • Effective class management;
  • Interaction and communication with students;
  • Assessment of students: of, for and as learning;
  • Evaluating and self-evaluation of teaching and learning;
  • Participation in personal professional development in teaching and learning;
  • Innovative practices relating to curriculum, pedagogy, assessment or course design;
  • Promotion and dissemination of research and scholarship of teaching and learning to staff and students;
  • Leadership in learning and teaching at faculty/program/course level;
  • Effective thesis supervision (where appropriate);
  • Knowledge of the subject field;
  • Offering timely and effective encouragement to students.


2. Teaching attitude:

  • Positive teaching demeanor and attitude;
  • High yet realistic expectations of students;
  • Respect and support for the development of students as individuals;
  • Availability for consultation and communication.


The Teaching Excellence Award Committee conducts comprehensive discussions and assessment of the candidates’ portfolios together with additional assessments, for example, classroom observation, presentation, course evaluations.

The assessment of the award is based on four sets of scores:

1. Course evaluation data for the four most recent rounds of course evaluations.               40%
2. Committee members’ class observations.                                                                    15%
3. Committee members’ interviews.                                                                                20%
4. Candidates’ portfolios.                                                                                               25%

Macau University of Science and Technology retains the power of further modification to, and final interpretation of, these criteria.