Nominations and recommendations are made in respect of teachers in one of two categories:

1. Excellent Teacher: Full-time teachers who meet all the requirements of the Teaching Excellence Award and whose Award is approved by the Senate.  For the Excellent Teacher award, full time teachers employed for a minimum of 2 years in M.U.S.T.  Winners of the Teaching Excellence Award cannot re-apply or be nominated for the award within 3 years of winning the award.

2. ‘Rising Star’ Teacher: Full-time teachers with up to and including no more than four years of full-time teaching, a minimum of two of which must be in M.U.S.T.  Applicants for this award may be from teachers who do not meet the full requirements for ‘Excellent Teacher’ but, nevertheless, are talented, hard-working, reflective and reflexive members of staff who wish to have their rising achievements recognized.  In addition to receiving applications for the ‘Rising Star’ award, winners of the ‘Rising Star’ award may also be drawn from those teachers who applied for, but who narrowly missed receiving, the ‘Excellent Teacher’ award, but whom the University wishes to encourage in their teaching, i.e. the University may give the ‘Rising Star’ award to those eligible teachers who applied for the Excellent Teacher Award.  A winner of the ‘Rising Star’ award may apply for the Excellent Teacher award from the year following that in which they won their ‘Rising Star’ award.

Nomination and recommendations must indicate if these are in respect of the Excellent Teacher and/or the ‘Rising Star’ award. Nomination pro-formas for faculty nomination, self-nomination or student nomination can be downloaded by clicking here.

There are no more than five winners each year, from the Excellent Teacher and/or ‘Rising Star’ combined.