The assessment for the Teaching Excellence Award is conducted by the Teaching Excellence Award Assessment Committee and its recommendations are made to the Senate, which has the final decision. The committee comprises: two standing members: the President or his designated representative, and the Director of the Educational Development Centre; faculty representatives (one from each Faculty/Department/College/School of Business); one external adviser; one representative from the Personnel Office and one representative from the Students’ Union. Non-standing committee members are appointed by the President of MUST and hold office for one year. Consecutive appointments of non-standing members should not exceed three sessions.

A Chair of the Committee is appointed by the President or his/her representative, from amongst the Committee members.  The Committee has an appointed Secretary.

All members of the Committee have voting rights except: (a) the representative of the Personnel Office; (b) the representative of the Student Union; (c) the external member of the University; (d) the Secretary.

  1. For the teaching observations; each candidate must be evaluated by at least 3 Teaching Excellence Award Committee members.
  2. The Teaching Evaluation pro-forma will be discussed by all the Teaching Excellence Award Committee members at its formal meeting.
  3. The Teaching Excellence Award Committee members will conduct a personal interview with the candidates in groups of Committee member, during which the candidate will make a short presentation, comment on their teaching and take questions about their submitted portfolio.
  4. The Teaching Excellence Award Committee members will review and award an agreed mark to the portfolio submitted by each candidate.
  5. The Teaching Excellence Award Committee members will review the data from course evaluations by students.
  6. The Teaching Excellence Award Committee members will discuss and assess all the supporting documents and data collected, at formal meetings, and make recommendations to the Senate on the candidates.
  7. Discussion of the contents of the award processes and documents are strictly confidential.
  8. Macau University of Science and Technology reserves the right of amendment to, and interpretation of, these requirements.