The selection of Teaching Excellence Award winners is conducted once a year, with no more than five winners each year, regardless of category (Excellent Teacher/Rising Star).  The list of winners is arranged in random sequence.

Each Faculty submits its list of candidates every year. Application dates and deadlines are issued by the university each academic year.

The ‘Teaching Excellence Award Assessment Committee’ will announce the names of candidates who are initially shortlisted, within 5 weeks following the application deadline. 

Application materials of the shortlisted candidates who are elected under the initial assessment will be reviewed by the Committee and its recommendations brought forward to the Senate for final approval.

Each year the nomination and application period is announced.  The Teaching Excellence Award Committee assembles the required data and prepares its recommendation of the winner(s) of the Award for Senate.  The announcement of the winner(s) is normally made towards the end of the second semester of the academic year.