Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education





The Educational Development Centre runs a 20-hour Certificate course in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (HE), for M.U.S.T. teachers.


Learning and teaching competencies, skills and knowledge are at the forefront of many developments in HE. Macau University of Science and Technology takes active steps to ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning in the University, providing training for teachers in HE. There is a need for both new, inexperienced and more experienced teachers in HE to be prepared for, and supported in their, teaching, to employ more effective, and a much wider range of, teaching strategies than currently operates, and to promote much more active learning in students.


This Certificate course addresses developments in teaching and learning in HE, and equips HE teachers and academics to fulfil their commitment to raising the standards of student learning. Given the changes and currents of teaching and learning, new teachers need to be inducted into newer forms of teaching and learning, and experienced teachers need to be updated on developments in teaching and learning, and this course addresses these matters.


The Certificate course in Teaching and Learning in HE comprises taught sessions, online materials and self-evaluation. It focuses on teaching and learning both inside and outside classroom sessions, and therefore it includes blended learning and other forms of learning.


The website pages for this Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education explain this course in greater detail.




Any member of M.U.S.T. staff. This is a compulsory course for those M.U.S.T teachers with no more than two years of full time teaching experience in higher education.   It is optional for other teachers, academics, teaching assistants and those teaching and working in M.U.S.T., and inexperienced teachers are strongly encouraged to attend these important sessions.