Classroom Sessions


The classroom sessions put into practice the pedagogical strategies being introduced: active, interactive, collaborative, experiential and blended learning. Classes comprise teacher input, practical classroom activities for each of the techniques in question, workshop-and-feedback/example-and-feedback sessions, together with demonstrations, discussions. The class sessions model the strategies and techniques being introduced on the course. It is essential for the classroom sessions to establish a ‘safe’ environment, in which honest discussions of teaching and learning can take place without any negativity attached to any participants.


Online activities


Participants will be encouraged to use online media in the course. Online supplementary materials will be made available and guidance on this will be provided during the course. The course will use Moodle for online materials and support. The Educational Development Centre has produced a large and comprehensive series of Handbooks and guidance materials, in both hard and soft copy versions, and these will be referred to on the course.


Additional preparation and follow-up by participants


As the course will be of a practical nature, and as course participants will have limited time, there will be a limited amount of reading required. This will be provided during the course.



Course material


 Course materials are available on intranet (staff-only).


Session ONE

pdf-download-icon Session 1(a)

pdf-download-icon Session 1(b)



Session TWO

pdf-download-icon Session 2



Session THREE

pdf-download-icon Session 3



Session FOUR

pdf-download-icon Session 4



Session SEVEN

pdf-download-icon Session 7(a)

pdf-download-icon Session 7(b)

pdf-download-icon Session 7(c)

pdf-download-icon Session 7(d)



Session EIGHT

pdf-download-icon Session 8