Our Services

The Educational Development Centre provides a range of services for you in several modalities:

  1. Face-to-face support and development;
  2. Organization and provision of training and development activities;
  3. Documentation and material resources on a self-access basis;
  4. Technology and e-learning hardware and software;
  5. Online support and e-learning;
  6. Links to related websites.

The Centre provides support and development on an individual, group and whole-class basis, with individual consultations and peer-support programs.  These take many forms:

Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Consultations

The Centre provides workshops, seminars, consultations, training courses and staff development, both certificated and non-certificated, on educational, pedagogical and administrative matters, through pre-defined and bespoke opportunities, including, e.g.:

  • Academic writing and reviewing of writing;
  • Active and interactive learning, collaborative teaching and learning;
  • Assessment
  • Being a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant or Administrative Assistant;
  • Classroom pedagogy, technologies and talk, and their basis in relevant theory and research, including cognitive neuroscience;
  • Coaching and mentoring;
  • Course, program, curriculum and instructional design, development and planning, referring to the development of 'model courses';
  • Development of Administrative Officers in the Faculties;
  • Effective teaching and learning techniques for new teachers, research students and staff;
  • E-learning, digital tools for learning and teaching;
  • English-medium teaching;
  • Evaluation and self-evaluation, monitoring and review;
  • Handling challenging students;
  • Library and database searching and retrieval online;
  • Outcomes-based and competence-based learning and teaching;
  • Out-of-class learning and support;
  • Personal and professional development planning;
  • Planning and preparing a thesis;
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis with and without software;
  • Social science research methods.

Currently the Centre has:

workstations for up to around fifty people;

documentation display;

IT hardware and software with internet links and workstations;

meeting and discussion space for staff and students;

seating areas for walk-in, self-access staff and students to sit, work and review documents ;

material resources: documents, software, ICT hardware and software, educational technology etc.

Physical, Material, Technological Support

Together with providing workshops, seminars, consultations and training courses, the Centre also acts as a physical, technological and material resource for staff and students.  In this respect it provides training courses, online resources, guidance documents and information sheets for ICT-based learning and e-learning.

Hardware and software

The Centre has up-to-date ICT hardware and software to service the development needs of staff and students.  These are linked to the library resources as well as its own dedicated resources.


The Centre produces and disseminates documentation on key areas of teaching, learning and research, e.g. active and interactive learning, effective discussions, effective questioning and explanations, effective group work, effective lecturing, effective mixed ability teaching, working with large and small groups, effective PowerPoint, classroom management, multimedia resources. 

The Centre also publishes 'how to' documents, e.g. how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS, N-Vivo, Refworks, index creation software, how to publish an article, how to compile a bibliography or table of contents with software, web searching etc.).

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For a list of current documents, please see here (intranet only).

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