Student Evaluations of Teaching EDC

Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs)


The university takes the views of students very seriously. It is commonplace in universities for students to complete SETs which give ratings and feedback on a range of matters concerning teaching and courses, and MUST is no exception here.


MUST places a very high priority on the quality of its teaching and students’ learning, and SETs have a very important part to play in this. Every course, within every program, includes a student course evaluation which evaluates the course and the teaching on it. This provides feedback to the university and the teacher, and this, in turn, leads to the improvement of teaching and student learning.


SETs feature as part of quality development, assurance and enhancement. They are normally conducted online at MUST. Students at MUST are asked to be both honest and constructive in their responses to the SET questionnaire, and the responses are reported anonymously. There is plentiful research to indicate that conducting evaluations online provides rich, useful feedback data, and the more specific and concrete a student can be about a rating, an observation or an opinion, the more useful and helpful is their response. The SET used at MUST uses both ratings and comments.


There are six areas of focus on the SET used at MUST:


  1. 1.Organizational clarity
  2. 2.Teacher’s ability to engage and challenge students intellectually
  3. 3.Teacher's interactions with students
  4. 4.Course organization, content, and evaluation
  5. 5.Overall rating
  6. 6.Additional comments about the course and the teacher.


These six areas feature in the SETs of many leading universities. The evaluation pro-forma is designed to be completed quickly and to elicit your opinions on a range of key matters. Students’ responses are anonymous. A copy of the SET used at MUST (in both English and Chinese) is available (see below).


Students’ course and teaching evaluation questionnaire (intranet only).