What the Centre Does

The Centre focuses on: (a) learning; (b) teaching; (c) research; (d) supervision; (e) staff development; (f) curriculum development.  It provides:

  • A physical and virtual centre for access and self-access by staff and students;
  • Short courses, seminars, talks, workshops, award-bearing (i.e. certificate) and non-award-bearing programs;
  • Self-management and learning management advice and support for students and staff;
  • Advice, development, programs, courses, seminars, workshops and other activities, resources, software, expertise, technical advice and support for the following in higher education:
    1. Research, research training and supervision;
    2. learning development, management, self-management and practice;
    3. teaching and teacher development;
    4. instructional design, development, implementation and practice;
    5. e-learning, multimedia and software for teaching, learning and research, and other technologies for teaching and learning.
  • Research training programs in the natural, human and social sciences;
  • Seminars, workshops, programs, lectures and multimedia support for teaching, learning and research;
  • Training and development of Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants and Administrative Assistants, particularly senior administrative staff;
  • Mentoring and support-group/peer group, collaborative arrangements for new, inexperienced and other academic staff and students;
  • Face-to-face, walk-in and online advice and services for staff and students;
  • A ‘help-desk’ and hotline for staff and students’ queries, concerns, difficulties, challenges and problems;
  • Face-to-face, walk-in and online specific advice, support, development in the use of software and other ICT resources;
  • Documentation, support materials, software, together with access and self-access to software, both physical and virtual;
  • Access and self-access to online resources for teaching, learning and research, with support, advice and links for accessing and using these;
  • Access and self-access to, and support for, the latest technologies, ICT, software and media for teaching, learning and research;
  • Classroom observations, feedback and instructional assessment, review and development;
  • Coordination, integration and dissemination of relevant activities for teaching, learning and research throughout the University and beyond;
  • Assessment and follow-up in respect of teaching, learning and research;
  • Provide support for web-based teaching and learning.

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