Advisory Board

Member, FA Advisory Board

Macau University of Science and Technology


Lok Po / President of Macao Daily News; National People's Congress Deputy in Macau SAR

Vice Chairman:

Manuel Gonçalves Pires Junior / Chairman of the Executive Committee of TDM


Lai Ieng / Former President of the Macau Artist Society

Ieong Tai Meng / Dean of Painting Academy of Macau

Carlos Marreiros / Architect and Designer in Macau; Member of the Cultural Advisory Council

Chu Cheok Son / President of the Macau Designers Association

Angus W.H.Cheong / General Manager of ERS e-Research

Gao Feng / Director of the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture; Former Deputy President of China Central Television; Former Vice-president of China’s Central Documentary Film Studio

Xiao Yong / Executive Director of Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited

Liu Ning / President of the China Industrial Design Association

Kam Kwok Leung / Famous Director and Screenwriter in Hong Kong

Siza Cham / Founder of TCDI Chuangsi International Architectural Firm

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Master of Design
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Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts
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Doctor of Management in Film Industry
Master of Management in Film Industry
Master of Film Production
Bachelor in Film and Television Production
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Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media
Bachelor in Acting
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Doctor of Architecture
Master of Architecture
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