Faculty Introduction

The Faculty of Humanities and Arts was founded in 2008, and has become the second-largest faculty in the university with over 3400 current students in 2021. It has established a strong reputation in Macau and Asia Pacific region. The Faculty offers 18 programs, including the Bachelor’s program in Journalism and Communication, the Master’s and Doctoral program in Communication; the Bachelor’s program in Art Design, the Master’s and Doctoral program in Design; the Bachelor’s and Doctoral program in Digital Media, the Master’s program in Interactive Media; the Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Film Production, the Master’s and Doctoral program of Management in Film Industry; the Master’s and Doctoral program in Architecture, and the Bachelor’s program in Acting. The Faculty has established the Macao Media Research Center and the Macao World Heritage Conservation and Development Research Centre. The Macao Media Research Center, approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, is a key research base of humanities and social sciences in partnership with the Center for Information and Communication Studies of Fudan University. In addition, The Faculty has built a variety of laboratories and studios for teaching needs and practical training.

Since 2008, when the Faculty of Humanities and Arts was founded, the Faculty has offered a variety of programs in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences including the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs in Art Design, Journalism and Communication, Fine Arts, Film Study, Architecture, Digital Media and Acting. 

(1) The programs in Journalism and Communication

The Bachelor’s program in Journalism and Communication has three majors: Data Journalism, Communication, and Public Relations and Advertising. The Master’s program has two specializations: Integrated Marketing Communication and New Media Communication. The Doctoral program specializes in digital communication and urban communication, and other relevant areas. The majority of the full-time professors in Journalism and Communication hold a PhD degree from prestigious overseas universities. The Faculty has equipped with teaching facilities like the “Multimedia Production Lab” to ensure the needs of students’ practical and theoretical study. Many graduates chose to pursue further education all around the world.

(2) The programs in Art Design 

The Bachelor’s program has four majors: Product Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design and Visual Communication Design. The Master’s program has six specializations: Communication Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Design Management, and Cultural Heritage Conservation. The Doctoral program specializes in three areas: Theory and Practice of Art Design, Design Management, and Cultural Heritage Conservation. The teaching of the Bachelor’s and Master’s program highlights the practice through which nurtures students’ practical ability, adaptation, and creativity. The Faculty has set up Metal & Wood Art Design Lab, Ceramics Art Laboratory and Digital Construction Lab for practice and training.

(3) The programs in Fine Arts 

The Master’s program has two specializations: Painting Practice and Theory History of Fine Arts. The Doctoral program specializes in two areas: Painting Theory and Practice, and History and Theory of Fine Arts. The Faculty has built an art gallery, serving as internationalized space for exhibitions and academic exchanges. It also integrates the essentials of Chinese culture and art with contemporary art concepts, foregrounds Macao’s hybridized culture, and promotes art and culture.

(4) The programs in Film 

The Faculty has offered the Bachelor’s program in Television and Film Production, the Master’s program in Film Production, and the Master’s and Doctoral program in Management in Film Industry. These programs are equipped with advanced facilities including film studio, editing room for television and film production, and movie hall, and provide students with photographic apparatus for their practical learning. 

(5) The programs in Architecture 

The Master’s program has two specializations: Architectural Heritage Conservation, and Waterfront Urban Architecture and Design. The Doctoral program specializes in two areas: Urban Design and Regeneration, and Sustainable Architecture Design. The Faculty has built a cultural relics restoration laboratory to provide a platform for the protection, restoration and monitoring of cultural relics, and accordingly offer a comprehensive restoration plan for cultural relics. This solves the problems in the restoration of cultural relics and provides suggestions and schemes on follow-up conservation and exhibition. The Faculty has reached an agreement with the State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science of the South China University of Technology to jointly build the “Guangdong-Macao Smart City Research and Design Joint Laboratory”.

(6) The programs in Fine Arts in Digital Media

Digital media is an interdisciplinary field covering knowledge in plastic arts, art design, interaction design, computer language, computer graphics, information and communication technology. The Bachelor’s program has two majors: Game Design and Animation Design. The Master’s program has two specializations: Game Design and Game Management. The Doctoral program aims to cultivate talents in theoretical research and technology development in terms of dynamic simulation, audiovisual visualization, interactive media integration, human-computer interaction, design aesthetics, virtual reality, animation, dynamic imaging and other related areas. The Faculty has an interactive media laboratory equipped with multiple teaching equipment such as motion capture and VR systems.

(7) The program in Acting 

This course is the first bachelor’s program in acting offered in Macao. It has two majors: Film and Television Acting, and Stage Acting. The Faculty has built a dance studio to provide students with practice space in and outside the class.



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