Ceramic Laboratory

As one of the key teaching laboratories of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Shiwai Pottery Garden is the largest ceramic laboratory in Macau's educational institutions, covering an area of nearly 250 square meters. The functions of the Lab are mainly ceramic making, firing and works display. The Lab is furnished with advanced equipment, including ceramic 3D printer, vacuum mud scouring machine, variable speed blank drawing machine, electric kiln, water curtain glaze blowing machine, mud strip machine and mud plate machine.

In teaching, the integration of the Lab and design courses enables students to develop from concept to works creation, and better display the design works by ceramic elements of high plasticity and close to life. Moreover, the Lab often organizes ceramic related workshops, international camps, sharing meetings and lectures. It is committed to promoting the humanistic spirit, building Macau's multi-culturalism, and providing a communication space for ceramic artists from different countries and regions. As an industry-university-institute collaborative platform, the Lab aims to design high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products adapting to the cultural and market demands.



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R306 & R313 Macau University of Science and Technology, Avenida Wai Long, Taipa, Macau
Office Hour: Monday-Friday: 9am-1pm ; 2:30pm-6:20pm
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