Course Description

China and World Design History (3 credits)

China and World Design History systemically introduce the relationship between design and culture and ancient technologies. It analyzes modern design development from a theoretical perspective. Through systemically explanation of the issues, methodology, and creationism concerning art design, the course nurtures efficient way of thinking in art design.

Research Methodology for Art Design (3 credits)

This course involves definition, characteristics, methodology system, and literature review associated with the research methodology of art design. It encompasses qualitative and quantitative, historical research, experimental, and survey method, targeting an advanced method in art design.

Visual Communication (3 credits)

The course is a fundamental and cross-discipline course. It focuses on systemically introducing to the students basic theories and current applications of creative thinking and visual communications in art, with the goal of helping the students to choose accurate and effective communication techniques and media technologies to conduct art design.

The Advanced Theory and Practice of Design I (3 credits)

This is a compulsory course for doctoral students of arts and design. This course aims at assisting students in applying theories into practice, and better understanding theories through practice.

The Advanced Theory and Practice of Design II (3 credits)

The course is a required course. The aim is to assist students to effectively connect theory and practice and to improve their ability of applying design theories to practice and forming theoretical insights from design experiences.

Methodology in Design Management (3 credits)

The aim of this course is to teach students how to transform creative design into concrete products and maximize the commercial value of design. Students will familiarize themselves with the concepts, strategies, and methods of design management and get an in-depth understanding of the process and requirements of managing a design project through learning from previous cases.

Design Planning (3 credits)

Guided by both theoretical and practical considerations, this course examines the concepts and methods used to understand various aspects of design planning, including its audience and range. This course introduces a perspective of design management and emphasizes the conversion rate of design.

Fundamentals of Cultural Heritage Conservation (3 credits)

This subject intends to discuss the development of cultural heritage protection scientifically based on the past practice of cultural relic and heritage protection of our country. It’s mainly about the protection and research of ancient city ruins and fonts by using designing practice.

Chinese and Foreign Cultural History (3 credits)
Chinese and Foreign Cultural History is the required course for students majoring in Cultural Heritage and Preservation. Through systematic comparative study between Chinese culture and Western culture and introduction to philosophy and rhetorics, this course is expected to provide solid theoretical foundation for design-oriented practice.

Digital Display Design and Practice(3 credits) (Elective course)

The course investigate and present the probability of presenting communication with digital and multimedia approaches. It begins with presenting design concept, process and style and systemically addresses them. Advised by digitization theories as well as design technology, the course demonstrate how to present the design idea in a premier way.

Special Topic of Art and Culture (3 credits) (Elective course)
This course is an elective course, in which a wide range of topics will explicate the intimate relationship between art and literature.  Those topics include the origin of art, the mutual impacts of material culture, institutional culture, spiritual culture and art, etc. 

Consumer Behavior (3 credits) (Elective course

The course focuses on micro, macro individual and collective context. It investigates consumer behaviors from market, individual, decider, subculture, and culture perspective. The course features with multi-discipline and comprehensive perspective and retrospect consumer behaviors within the globalization and digitalization content, explaining the consumers’ behavior disparities from the globalization perspective.

Brand management (3 credits) (Elective course)

This course will introduce the knowledge of brand management, including brand meanings and values, brand development, brand positioning and repositioning, brand performance evaluation, and etc. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the relationships between design and branding. They will learn to use relevant theories, concepts, and models to guide design decisions.


Creative Economics (3 credits) (Elective course)

This course focuses on the history, definitions, and trends of the creative industries in both Western countries and China. The important issues involved in creative economy, such as the role of technology and the issue of sustainability, will also be discussed. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the potential of creative industries for changing our societies and cultures.

Design Work(3 credits)

This course is open to the students in theory and practice of art design. It incorporates theories in practice, allowing for comprehensive application of the theoretical knowledge. The course expects to advise design project and provide a comprehensive and systemical exercise for the design projects on the theoretical level.

Graduation Dissertation(9 credits)

Students must submit a doctoral thesis and defend it. The minimum length of the thesis in Theory and Practice of Art Design is forty thousand words, excluding end notes, foot notes, and references. The form of the dissertation must adhere to what the university approves of.

Graduation Dissertation (12 credits)

Students must submit a doctoral thesis and defend it. The minimum length of the thesis in Design Management and Cultural Heritage Conservation is eighty thousand words, excluding end notes, foot notes, and references. The form of the dissertation must adhere to what the university approves of.

Academic Activities (1 credit)

Students are required to participate in at least ten academic activities that are recognized by the Faculty of Humanities and Arts, such as the famous scholars’ seminars held on campus. Students are required to complete and hand in a one-page report for each activity.



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