Study Plan(From Academic Year 2021/2022 onwards)

I. Program Duration

The normal study period of Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture program is 3 years. The maximum study period is 6 years (Student enrolled in the academic year of 2019/2020 should refer to the study plan of their enrollment year for details).

II. Study Mode


III. Medium of Instruction

Chinese or English

IV. Major

  1. Urban Design and Regeneration
  2. Sustainable Architecture Design

V. Course Structure

Table 1: Core courses (6 credits)

Course Code

Course Title



Advanced Design Research Methodology



Special Topics in Architecture


Table 2: Major courses* (3 credits)

Urban Design and Regeneration

Course Code

Course Title



History of Urban and Architectural Development


Sustainable Architecture Design

Course Code

Course Title



Special Topics in Sustainable Architecture Design


 *The University has the ultimate right to decide which course or whether the course will be opened for all elective subjects

Table 3: Elective courses (3 credits)

Select one elective course from the following three courses

Course Code

Course Title



Research on Modern Green Architectural Design and Methodology



Research on Architectural and Cultural Heritage Conservation



Research on Planning and Design for Industry Development


Table 4: Others (7 credit)

Course Code

Course Title



Academic Activities(ten times of attendance)



Professional Internship


Table 5: Graduation Design Project and Thesis (18 credits)

Course Code

Course Title



Graduation Design Project





VI. TeachingRequirements

  1. Student is required to complete two core coursesfrom Table 1, one major course from Table 2 and one elective course from Table 3 during the first 2 semesters to gain 12 credits.
  2. Student is required to complete Academic Activities (ten times of attendance), Professional Internship from Table 4 and Graduation Design Project from Table 5 during the duration of study to gain 13 credits.
  3. Student can only submit his/her thesis title for confirmation upon the completion of the aforementioned 12 credits under Table 1 to 3. The minimum word count for the thesis is 40,000. The overall process should follow the thesis composition flow established by the faculty.
  4. After finishing each course, the student will be assessed based on regulations established by the instructor and the Faculty.
  5. Student who completes all the required courses must attend the qualification exam. He/sheall needs to submit the thesis title form on the day of the exam. Student who fails to pass the qualification exam in the first time is required to take the make-up exam within 3 months. If he/she fails in the make-up exam, his/her PhD study plan will be terminated.
  6. The thesis should pass the assessment and be defended successfully.
  7. A PhD student may have two times to defend the thesis The failure of a second Proposal Defense will result in the termination of the student's status in the PhD program.  
  8. Student is required to publish at least one first-level academic work or architectural design work, OR at least two second-level academic works or architectural design work. The works will be evaluated and approved by the Faculty of Humanities and Art at Macau University of Science and Technology. Please refer to A Guidance for Publication Assessment for the Doctoral Students of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts for details.

VII. Study Time

The duration for taking all courses is 12 months. No less than 12 months of thesis composition and graduation design project , up to 24 months.

Classes will generally be scheduled from Monday to Sunday, daytime or at nights.

VIII. Graduation Requirements

Upon approval from the Senate of the University, a Doctoral Degree will be conferred on a student when he or she has:

  1. completed and met the requirements prescribed in the study plan of his or her program within the specific study period, and achieved a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above (excluding dissertation); and
  2. abided by the regulations of the University; and
  3. cleared all fees and charges and returned all University’sproperty and equipment borrowed.

Note: All curriculums and study plans are based on the newest announcement of the Boletim Oficial da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau.

In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.


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