Master of Architecture Course Description

Research Methodology in Design (3 credits)  

This course introduces the basic principles, methods and practical techniques of architectural design research. Through the study of the course, the students can understand and master how to turn the problem I am interested in into a feasible research topic, so as to design a set of research programs, draw up standardized research plans and write research reports demonstrating the results.

Advanced Architectural and Environmental Design I, II (6 credits) 

This course takes practical and specific cases of architecture and urban design as the study objects, and is required to complete the design exercise by a series of scientific steps, such as the exploration of design topics, theoretical discussion, case study, design objectives and principles, alternative proposal, formulation of evaluation criteria, project evaluation and final design. The teaching process enables the students to understand and become familiar with the procedures of urban design. The result of the project includes 

the presentation of illustrations, models and 3D animation, as well as the emphasis on the writing of the report. In order to train the students' ability of communication, coordination and teamwork, the students will be divided into groups for Team Work teaching.

Research on Development and Construction of Urban Space (3 credits

The purpose of this course is to theoretically understand and analyze the local economy and urban development, and propose relevant development strategies from the perspective of  urban planning. In addition to absorbing relevant theoretical knowledge and empirical experience at home and abroad by literature review, the techniques of development policy and planning will also be discussed. In order to combine the theory learning and design practice, there are practical theme units implemented for the students to have in-depth operation experience during the teaching process.

Waterfront City and Sustainable Architecture Design Studies (3 credits

Through the research of sustainable architectural issues, the students will understand the necessary architectural design and construction methods under the guidance of  sustainable design principles. Through lectures and case studies, the students will be  familiar with the materials and technologies present day in use, and understand the characteristics and assembling of materials in the sustainable concepts. In addition, the course will introduce and predict the sustainable application of the future materials and redefine the possibility of future architectural design in the concept of sustainable development.

Special Topics on Research of Architectural Environment Control (3 credits

The purpose of this course is to understand the trends of the earth environment and climate changes, as well as the impacts of various physical environmental factors on buildings.   The students will be taught to understand the application principles of various modern equipments, explore the advanced scientific control methods, so as to make comfortable, convenient, safe and healthy buildings and construct the better environmental quality.

Architectural Reuse and Cultural Creativity (3 credits

This course will take cultural and creative industry theory as the principal axis, and systematically teach relevant theoretical research, supplemented by the description and comparative analysis of the practical reuse cases. To have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge in the relevant theories, concepts, cultural laws and regulations, the current situation of development. To develop the advanced professional knowledge of the corresponding requirements and improve the diversity means of revitalizing the buildings.

Historical Architecture Conservation and Regeneration (3 credits

After continuing the integration of architectural construction, architectural history, and building codes, this course will explore the current situation and advanced operation of the reuse of historic buildings. To Deepen the concept and cognition of historical building reuse, and further enhance the design practice ability.

Academic Activities (1 credits) 

The students must participate in at least ten academic events recognized by the faculty, including talks, seminars and academic visit. The students should also submit a report of one page length(A4) after each participation and have every report graded by the adviser. It aims to cultivate students’ comprehensive qualities, broaden their academic horizons, and galvanize innovative thinking.

Professional Internship (3 credits)

The internship course aims to improve the teaching quality, cultivate students' practical ability and innovative spirit, enabling students to enter the field of social practice in advance. To enhance their understanding of the knowledge and professional knowledge, cultivate and improve students' practical skills of self-discovery, analysis and problem solving.

Graduation Design Project (6 credits)

Graduation design requires the students to comprehensively apply the knowledge, theory and methods learned at the university in the past two years. Combined with a complete design project, a systematic, comprehensive, and full training will be made in respect of  raising design problems, analyzing of design problems, solving the design problem.

Thesis (9 credits) 

The students must submit a master dissertation (no less than 10,000 words, excluding footnotes, chapter notes and references) and attend an oral defence. The students must obey the university's requirements of the format to write the master dissertation.



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