Course Description

Course Description

Communication Theories (3 credits)

This course is a compulsory course for the master’s programs in new media communication and integrated marketing communication. It is designed to lecture on the classic and avant-garde communication theories.

Research Methods in Social Sciences (3 credits)

This course is designed to lecture on the basic and important concepts and methods in both quantitative and qualitative communication research. The students will get to know how to design and implement a communication research project.

Social Statistical Analysis (3 credits)

This course introduces the application of social statistics, including probability theories, inferential statistics and etc. It focuses on how to apply the statistics to designated research.

Culture, Media and Globalization (3 credits)

The curriculum focuses on three perspectives: the influence of globalization in modern world, the role of media in the process of globalization, and the influence of globalization in the culture of the Third World.

Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications (3 credits)

This course will introduce to students the basics and frontier research in integrated marketing communication. Meanwhile, the latest theories and classic marketing cases under the Greater China context will as well be covered.

Frontiers in New Media Research (3 credits)

This course will introduce the new media communication from two aspects: theory and practice. It includes the frontier theories of new media communication, related research methods, and the application of new media in the fields of politics, economy and health communication.

New Media Psychology (3 credits)

This course mainly teaches how to use new media to change people's attitudes and behaviors. Specifically, it will teach some psychological persuasion strategies using new media as a tool, as a medium and as a member of society. The course will also explore factors that affect the credibility of new media.

Social Network Analysis (3 credits)

This is a selective course for the master students. It covers the different components of the communication channel from the perspective of social network analysis. It mainly focuses on the introduction of the basic concept and method of the social network analysis, its application in the study of the communication, the application in commercial promotion and the study of cross regional flow of information.

Data Acquisition and Analysis (3 credits)

Through the computational communication and social scientific approach, this course is designed to equip students with appropriate strategy for acquiring and analyzing data according to research design. The main topics covered include data acquisition skills, data analysis, new media data capture, and data visualization.

Special Topics in Science, Health and Risk Communication (3 credits)

The subject is an elective course designed for MA students majoring at Journalism and Communication. Students will learn the latest research, basic theories and concepts in science, health and risk communication filed. Meanwhile, following the new media trends, this subject will as well introduce the roles, applications and practice of new media technologies in these three fields.

Research Report Writing in Communication (3 credits)

This course is an elective course for MA students in the communication program. The course is dedicated to introduce the writing skills of communication research paper and dissertation, including writing norms of academic research, academic vocabulary and writing structure.

Visual Communication (3 credits)

This course is a selective course for the master’s program in integrated marketing communication. It is designed to acquaint students with media, critical and cultural theories related to visual communication and provide students with approaches to understand visual culture.

Consumer Insights (3 credits)

This course mainly teaches the fundamental theories and methods of consumer behaviors. It not only introduces the tools for analyzing first-hand and second-hand data, but also teaches how to apply relevant theories and methods to the planning and implementation of marketing programs.

Brand Strategy and Communication (3 credits)

This course mainly teaches the theories and strategies of brand communication, how to build and utilize brand assets, and how to ensure that brands have lasting competitiveness.

New Media Archaeology (3 credits)

This course will lead the students to understand the basic concepts of media archeology by reading and field research. The course will include the history and theory of media archeology and German media theory. This course will also discuss how to do media archeology locally.

Critical Debates in Cultural Industries (3 credits)

This course focuses on the practical application of critical communication theory in the cultural industry. It mainly introduces the relationship between culture and social economy in the existing cultural industry, and discusses the dialectical relationship between cultural production and the government's promotion of cultural industry.

Academic Activities (1 credits)

The students must participate in at least ten academic events recognized by the faculty, including talks, seminars and academic visit. The students should also submit a report of no less than 800 words after each participation and have every report graded by the adviser. It aims to cultivate students’ comprehensive qualities, broaden their academic horizons, and galvanize innovative thinking.

Thesis (12 credits)

Students must submit thesis for master’s degree (no less than 20,000 words, excluding footnotes, endnotes, and reference) and pass oral defense. Students must write the thesis in accordance with the guidelines for thesis for master’s degree.



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