Supervisors for the programs of Master of Design

Supervisors for the programs of Master of Design

Full-time Supervisors




Wang Xue Qing Distinguished Guest Professor
Zhu Chun Distinguished Guest Professor
Zheng Ju Xin
Distinguished Guest Professor
Xiao Yong Distinguished Guest Professor
Huang Guang Hui Associate Professor
Zhang Xi Zhi Assistant Professor
Yan Shao Shi Assistant Professor
Wang GuanQiang Assistant Professor
Zhu Bo Wei Assistant Professor
Kong Ling Qi Assistant Professor
Zhang Meng Ting Assistant Professor
Wang Wei Jia Assistant Professor
Wang Xiao Feng Assistant Professor
Liu Hui Ming Assistant Professor
Cui Chao Yi Assistant Professor



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Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication
Tel: (+853) 8897-2216

Bachelor of Arts in Art Design
Tel: (+853) 8897-2216

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication
Master of Arts in Communication
Tel: (+853) 8897-2945

Doctor of Philosophy in Design
Master of Design
Tel: (+853) 8897-2345

Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts
Tel: (+853) 8897-1917

Doctor of Management in Film Industry
Master of Management in Film Industry
Master of Film Production
Tel: (+853) 8897-2973

Doctor of Philosophy in Digital Media
Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media
Tel: (+853) 8897-2313

Bachelor in Film and Television Production
Bachelor in Acting
Tel: (+853) 8897-2098

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media
Tel: (+853) 8897-2330