2023/2024 Doctoral Supervisor Admission List

Supervisors for the programs of Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts

Full-Time Supervisors
Name Position E-mail Mentoring / Research Direction
Ung Vai Meng Distinguished Guest Professor vmung@must.edu.mo Modern / Contemporary Art Theory and Practice
Zheng Ju Xin Distinguished Guest Professor jxzheng@must.edu.mo History of Chinese Art
Wang Lan Associate Professor lwang@must.edu.mo Research on the History of Art Exchange between China and Foreign Countries
Gu Yue Associate Professor ygu@must.edu.mo Modern / Contemporary Art Theory and Creative Practice
Liu Peng Assistant Professor pliu@must.edu.mo Modern / Contemporary Art, Visual Studies, Culture Studies
Part-Time Supervisors
Name Position E-mail Mentoring / Research Direction
Ding Ning Professor dingning@pku.edu.cn Art History, Museum Studies
Wang Zan Professor caawz@126.com Chinese painting creation and theoretical research
Wang Shao Qiang Professor sd_168@vip.tom.com Image Research and Practice in Contemporary Art
Kong Guo Qiao Professor kongguoqiao@163.com Fine Arts (Painting Creation and Theoretical Research)
Bao Lin Professor baolinbl10251@vip.sina.com China Modernist painting
Zhu Qing Sheng Professor laozhu@pku.edu.cn Art History
Zhu Jin Hui Professor zjh19680808@163.com Fine Arts, Integrated Materials Painting Research
Li Jin Kun Professor skcc2b@163.net Modern Chinese Art Research, Chnese Painting and Lingnan Painting Creation and Innovation
Shang Hui Research Librarian shanghui328@163.com Research on Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art/Comparative Research on Contemporary Chinese and Foreign Art
Fan Bo Professor fanboz@126.com Research on the Creation of Modern Oil Painting
Fan Yang Professor 2357299408@qq.com Theory and Practice of Chinese Landscape Painting
Xu Li Professor 450841504@qq.com Chinese Contemporary Art Theory and Practice
Qin Jian Professor ljianqin@aliyun.com Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art
Zhang Zhi Min Professor sdysxybgs@126.com The Creation and Research of Chinese Landscape Painting
Cao Yi Qiang Professor yiqiangc@hotmail.com History and Theory of Fine Arts
Yang Xiao Yang Professor 191548598@qq.com The Artistic Spirit of the Chinese Nation
Zhao Sheng Liang Resarch Librarian zhaosldh@163.com Dunhuang Art
Pun Lu Sheng Professor art086@163.com Folk Art Research and Painting Practice
Dai Shi He Professor 2387919921@qq.com Study of life drawing and spirit of oil painting
Lu Yu Shun Professor 940973178@qq.com Research on Chinese Painting Creation
Donal Timothy Fitzpatrick Professor fitzpatrick.donal@orange.fr Art and design



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