Supervisors for the program of Doctor of Management in Film Industry

Supervisors for the program of Doctor of Management in Film Industry

Full-time Supervisors




Zhang Zhi Qing Professor [email protected]
Yin Hong Professor [email protected]
Si Ruo Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Zhang Lin Ming Associate Professor [email protected]
Chiang Siu Ling Assistant Professor [email protected]
Zhang Ge Hao Assistant Professor [email protected]
Luo Le Assistant Professor [email protected]
Li Hao Assistant Professor [email protected]
Part-time Supervisors
Name Position E-mail
Ding Yaping Professor [email protected]
Fang Fang Professor [email protected]
Wang Haizhou Professor [email protected]
Shi Chuan Professor [email protected]
Li Dao Xin Professor [email protected]
Li Xiang Min Professor [email protected]
Xing Hongwen Professor [email protected]
Meng Jian Professor [email protected]
Zhou Xing Professor [email protected]
Hu Zhi Feng Professor [email protected]
Yao Guo Qiang Professor [email protected]
Huang Chang Yong Professor [email protected]
Zhang Ya Xin Professor [email protected]
Liang Ming Professor [email protected]
Zhang Guotao Professor [email protected]
Yang Cheng Hu Researcher Director [email protected]
Yang Lin Professor [email protected]
Dong Tse Ping Professor [email protected]
Jia Lei Lei Professor [email protected]
Lei Jianjun Professor [email protected]
Lu Hai Bo Professor [email protected]
Zhao Xi Professor [email protected]



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Bachelor of Arts in Art Design
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Doctor of Philosophy in Communication
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Doctor of Philosophy in Design
Master of Design
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Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts
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Doctor of Management in Film Industry
Master of Management in Film Industry
Master of Film Production
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Doctor of Philosophy in Digital Media
Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media
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Bachelor in Film and Television Production
Bachelor in Acting
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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media
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