Rules for Electronic Lockers Usage

  1. Electronic lockers usage is applied under the WeMust system.
  2. The lockers are divided into monthly rental or daily rental. The monthly rental is MOP20, 30 days effective from the lease date. The daily rental fee is MOP1, 24 hours from the lease time.
  3. If the user does not cancel the lease manually, the system will automatically send the bill and renew the lease. Please pay the fee in time. The maximum lease term cannot be exceeded 180 days, the extended term will be calculated from the date of the first date of renewal. If the lease period exceeds 180 days, the system will send a notification to remind you to cancel the lease before it expires. There will be a one-time fine of MOP200 and a daily MOP1 usage fee after the lease is overdue. After 30 days, the locker will be automatically rent to other people, and the school will not be responsible for the items left in the cabinet. The user will be blacklisted and no lockers will be rented for one year. Please obey the "MustPay Service Agreement" when paying.
  4. Sublet or loaned the rented lockers to others are not allowed.
  5. Before using the locker, please carefully read the "Operation Instructions" posted on the surface of the locker and follow the instructions. If the locker fails to operate, please report the failure via the WeMust system.
  6. Please keep the lockers clean and undamaged. When the lockers are returned, their original condition is required.
  7. Do not damage the appearance of the locker, such as sticking stickers, paintings, posting any stickers and promotional materials or leaving any traces.
  8. Do not store valuable items such as laptop computers, mobile phones or wallets in the locker. In the event of loss or damage, no compensation will be borne.
  9. Lockers are strictly prohibited from placing food, beverages, and any items that are illegal, that may cause danger, security problems, or affect the environment or others (such as flammable and perishable items, pets or weapons, etc.)
  10. Please take good care of public property and use lockers carefully. Anyone who destroys it intentionally will be responsible for all maintenance costs.
  11. If "Terminate Rental Agreement" is selected in the system, remember to collect and empty the items in the locker. The school will not be responsible for any loss or compensation. The returned locker cannot be rented again within 24 hours after cancellation.
  12. In any cases, the school will not be responsible for the damage or loss of personal items in the lockers. The school reserves the right to interpret the rules for the use of lockers.