Advisors of Ph.D./MS programs

Name Position E-mail
Zhang Du Professor*
Yin Zhao Yang Distinguished Guest Professor*
Zhang Han Distinguished Guest Professor*
Li Jian Qing Professor*
Li Song Xiao Professor*
Li Zhi Wu Professor*
Liang Yong Professor*
Wong Hon Cheng Professor*
Tian Xiao Lin Professor*
Zhao Qing Lin Professor*
Zhou Meng Chu Professor*
Bai Li Ping Associate Professor*
Cai Zhan Chuan Associate Professor*
Dai Hong Ling Associate Professor*
Dang Pei Associate Professor* 
Li Dong Associate Professor*
Li Xiao Dong Associate Professor*
Ma Chao Associate Professor*
Tsang Cheung Choy Associate Professor*
Cheang Chak Fong Assistant Professor*
Feng Li Assistant Professor
Huang Yu Fa Assistant Professor
Alex, Leung Po Assistant Professor
Liang Yan Yan Assistant Professor
Liang Zhi Yao Assistant Professor*
Liu Xin Assistant Professor
Lo Sio Long Assistant Professor*
Lu Xiao Ping Assistant Professor
U Kin Tak Assistant Professor*
Xiao Xuan Xuan Assistant Professor
Yang Lei Assistant Professor
 Yuan Xiao Chen Assistant Professor
Li Ping Assistant Professor
Adjunct Professors
Name Position E-mail
Mehmet Orgun Adjunct Professor -
Zhang Hai Adjunct Professor -
Name Position E-mail
Peng Shu Cheng Adjunct ProfessorPh.D. supervisor -

Remark: All assistant professors or above can supervise master students while names with "*" can supervise both doctoral and master students.

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