FI assistant professor Cheang Chak Fong and his master student Wang Yiqin won the best paper award in the international conference ICCCS2018.

Prof. Cheang Chak Fong, FI assistant Professor, and his master students, Wang Yiqin and Xu Gen, published a paper titled “Multi-VMs Intrusion Detection for Cloud Security using Dempster-Shafer Theory” in the 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Security (ICCCS2018) and won the Best Paper Award.


From right to left: Prof. Cheang Chak Fong, Wang Yiqin and Xu Gen.

This paper proposed an improved intrusion detection solution for cloud security. They proposed a multi-VMs intrusion detection framework, in which each VM observes and analyzes the evidence independently with its own detection algorithm, but makes the collaborative intrusion decision with other VMs.  The design of two-level evidence fusion, both VM-based level and Cloud-based level, allows the potential interaction between VMs can be now processed in their model and thus provides more accurate results in identifying the malicious attacks.


ICCCS, held in HaiKou, China on June 6-8, 2018, is one of the most important international conferences in the area of Cloud Computing. The conference arranged 6 distinguished talks and 206 seminars/workshops, covering the fields of Cloud Computing and Security, Information Hiding and Privacy, IoT Security and Application, Multimedia Security and Forensics, and etc.

The conference accepted 700 papers among 1700 high quality papers submitted by the authors from USA, Canada, Italy, France, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong and etc. During the conference, 46 outstanding paper candidates are recommended by the experts, and only 10 of these papers are then selected as the best papers through a selection procedure in strict criteria, including on-site presentation by the authors, voting by the experts and other authors. Each winner of the Best Paper is awarded by a certificate.






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