MUST Unveiled Plaques of the Innovation Centre for Intelligent Robotics Technologies and Macao Centre for Mathematical Sciences

On March 4, 2021, at Block N, Room N211, Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), Macau University of Science and Technology held the unveiling ceremony of Innovation Center for Intelligent Robotics Technologies and Macao Center for mathematical Sciences.

Innovation Centre for Intelligent Robotics Technologies, sponsored by Direcção dos Serviços do Ensino Superior (DSES). Currently the centre has 8 modular robotic vehicles, RIA E100, each of which is equipped with different sensors including an Astra 3D RGB-D camera and a 2D Lidar sensor. It also has an intelligent mobile grabbing robot system, Rabbot, which is a 6-axis industry-level robotic arm mounted on an auto mobile vehicle. Besides, four small-sized desktop robotic arms, Dobot Magician, can be used for entry level study in AI and robotic control related courses. These facilities provide a good platform for professors and students to perform teaching and research activities in simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), computer vision, motion control, image recognition, autonomous driving and other AI-related applications.

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The unveiling of Innovation Centre for Intelligent Robotics Technologies

The idea of establishing the Centre for Mathematical Sciences was brought up in Autumn 2019 through discussions and exchanging information between the mathematical faculty members and representatives of the university council and of the university authority. The idea received the full support of the University's Executive Leadership and plans for the establishment of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences were formally approved in December 2019 with preparations to begin in January 2020.

With great support of the university personnel office, the centre has successfully recruited several excellent researchers who will join the centre in September 2021. The establishment of the center is the result of a joint effort by mathematical faculty members and administrative staff of FIT, particularly, assistant professor Xiao Xuan-Xuan and associate professor Ma Chao who have been working on the application of PhD program in the Centre.

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The unveiling of Macao Centre for Mathematical Sciences

The tasks of the Macao Centre for Mathematical Sciences include research in mathematics itself and its applications, as well as teaching in mathematics of PhD program. The Centre is currently at an international level of excellence in research and its applications in the field of mathematical analysis. The Centre intends to recruit experts in various fields of mathematics to expand the depth and breadth of its research. In practical applications, mathematical analysis can be applied to signal and image processing, system identification and control theory, economic and biomedical data analysis, etc. The centre is committed to building bridges between mathematics and different disciplines, and to contributing to the development of science and technology in the community with a positive attitude of cooperation and openness.

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