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(February 2011 to October 2018 )

Research Projects Establishment in 2018

  Project Title Project Leader Current State
1 Maass尖形式Hecke特徵值的分佈及自守L函數積分矩下界的研究 XIAO Xuan Xuan In Progress
2 二位元黑鱗的非線性及超快光學效應 ZHANG Han In Progress
3 解析函數空間上復合算子若干重要問題 LI Song Xiao Starting
4 Clifford代數框架下的離散函數理論及應用 DANG Pei Starting
5 Bus Driver Behaviour analysis for Road Safety LEONG Pp Starting
6 動力系統中覆蓋集和首次回復率相關的分形維數問題 MA Chao Starting
7 樹形多組合設備的協同控制和運行優化 BAI Li Ping Starting
8 四元数体上的矩阵方程及其在四元数统计模型上的应用 LIU Xin  Starting
9 Resaarch and Development of A Application for Image-based Crowd Counting LIANG Yan Yan Starting
10 Smart Advertising System:Core Technology and Applications LI Zi Qing Starting
11 Extraction based Digital Image Watermarking YUAN Xiao Chen Finished
12 購置資訊科技學院教學實驗室教學設備 ZHANG Du In Progress
13 基於PoUW區塊鏈的數據處理研究 ZHAO Qing Lin Approved
14 物聯網環境下多子載波頻域競爭技術研究 FENG Li Approved
15 Key Technologies to Enable Ultra Dense Wireless Networks Dai Hong Ning Starting

Research Projects Establishment in 2017

  Project Title Project Leader Current State
Mathematical and Numerical Studies of Pinning effect on Magnetic Domain Wall Dynamics
YANG Lei In Progress
Study and Implementation for Service Reputation-Rating, Transmission and Selection in Information-Centric Networking (ICN)
ZHAO Qing-Lin In Progress
Research and Implementation of Key Technology for Intelligent Processing of Remote Sensing Data of Terrestrial Planet
TIAN Xiao-Lin In Progress

Research Projects Establishment in 2016

  Project Title Project Leader Current State
1 "How does a computer see" a computational and modeling perspective Liang Yong In Progress
Research on Theory and Algorithms of Incremental Attribute Reduction Based on Rough Sets
Tsang Cheung-choy In Progress
3 Design and Analysis of SDN-based Wireless MAC protocols Feng Li In Progress
4 Resource Allocation and Joint Optimization for Cloud Radio Access Networks LI Dong In Progress
Femtosecond laser fabricated miniature Lab on/in Fiber and its sensing applications
LI Jian-Qing In Progress
Feature analysis based geometrically invariant digital watermarking for multimedia security
YUAN Xiao-Chen In Progress
Research on Self-Paced Learning and its Applications in Big Data of Biomedicine
Liang Yong In Progress
8 Perpetual learning through overcoming inconsistencies ZHANG Du In Progress
Theoretical approach and its application for multi-level overall representation of multiple objects
CAI Zhan-Chuan In Progress

Research Projects Establishment in 2015

  Project Title Project Leader Current State
Design and Analysis of Wireless Protocols Utilizing New Physical-layer Techniques
ZHAO Qing-Lin Finished
Brightness-Temperature Modeling and Application of the Microwave Radiometer Data from Chang’E-2  Satellite
CAI Zhan-Chuan Finished
3 Fabricating and Testing System for Fiber Sensors LI Jian-Qing Finished
4 High-Performance Computing Cluster LI Zhi-Wu Finished
5 Theory of composition operators on analytic function spaces Li Song Xiao In Progress
Modeling and analysis of the life cycle of disasters
and contingent events via gig data
ZHOU Meng-Chu In Progress
A New Dual Asymmetric Pulse Width Modulation Scheme for Full-Bridge DC/DC Converters
LI Xiao-Dong In Progress
The solution to matrix equation system and its applications on linear model
LIU Xin In Progress
9 Representation of ax+b group and Hilbert transformation DANG Pei In Progress
10 Dimension Problems in Dynamical systems MA Chao In Progress
11 Uncertainty Principle in Signal Analysis DANG Pei In Progress
Research on the integrated sensors of Surface Plasmon Polaritons and optical fiber
LI Jian-Qing In Progress

Research Projects Establishment in 2014

  Project Title Project Leader Current State
New Gating Signal Modulation Schemes for the LLC-type Dual-Bridge Resonant Converter
LI Xiao-Dong Finished
2 Numerical Study on Dynamics of Micromagnetic Domain Wall YANG Lei Finished
3 Study on Data Exchange System in Macao SAR HON Chi-Tin Finished
Study on New Media and New Civic Movement in Macau SAR: Big Data and Innovative Public Governance
HON Chi-Tin Finished
Observation and Research of Asteroidal Lightcurves with Large Scale Sampling
LU Xiao-Ping
ZHAO Hai-Bin
In Progress
Novel biomarker selection methods for high-dimensional data analysis in genomics
LIANG Yong In Progress
Research on behaviors of solutions of several types  of nonlinear wave equations with peaked solitons and blowup phenomena
YIN Zhao-Yang In Progress
Theory and method of heterogeneous data mining based on generalized rough set models
TSANG Cheung-Choy In Progress
Large Scale Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Performance Analysis and Performance Improvement
DAI Hong-Ning In Progress
The Functional Representation of Digital Signal based
on Algorithm of Adaptive Non-Uniform Regional Partition and its Application Research
U Kin-Tak In Progress
Optimal Scheduling and Operation of Multi-robot Production Systems in the Perspective of Discrete Event System Theory
BAI Li-Ping In Progress
12 Co-segmentation of videos, a machine learning perspective LO Sio-Long In Progress
Performance Analysis and Design of Energy-Efficient Polling Schemes in Wireless LANs
FENG Li In Progress

Research Projects Establishment in 2013

  Project Title Project Leader Current State
Modeling, theoretical, and observational studies of the lunar plasma environment
WONG Hon-Cheng Finished
2 Idle Sense Scheme in Nonsaturated Wireless LANs ZHAO Qing-Lin Finished
Research on algorithms and applications for data interpolation and removal of redundancy in an era of big data
CAI Zhan-Chuan Finished
4 Optimization for scheduling of robot cell in semiconduction industry BAI Li-Ping Finished
Short-Term Scheduling Optimization for Continuous Process Industry by Using Hybrid System Control Theory
WU Nai-Qi Finished
Asymptotically Stable Supervisor Synthesis and Optimization of Discrete Event Systems Modeled with Petri Nets
LI Zhi-Wu Finished
“Digital Moon”in Macao - The intelligent computing and automated processing for huge data of Chang'
TIAN Xiao-Lin Finished
8 Research on mechanisms and applications of in-line all-fiber sensors LI Jian-Qing Finished

Research Projects Establishment in 2012

  Project Title Project Leader Current State
1 Studies on multi-channel networks using directional antennas DAI Hong-Ning Finished
2 Human Action Recognition, a machine learning approach TSOI Ah-Chung Finished
Fractal Dimension and Diophantine Approximation over the fields of formal series
MA Chao Finished
Theoretical studies on production rate of cosmogenic nuclei in lunar surface, meteorites, and the Earth's atmosphere
DONG Tie-Kuang Finished
5 Dual-Bridge Soft-Switched High Frequency Isolated LLC Resonant Converter LI Xiao-Dong Finished
Laboratory Construction of Guangzhou and Macao joint interactive digital home
LI Jian-Qing Finished
7 第三屆澳門科技大學數學建模科普項目 梁勇 Finished

Research Projects Establishment in 2011

  Project Title Project Leader Current State
1 Research on computational framework for biomaker discovery LIANG Yong Finished
2 Algorithms Research & Realization for OCT Image Processing & Analysis TIAN Xiao-Lin Finished
Research and Development of a Knowware System for Application of Intelligent Systems
DING Li-Ya Finished
Modeling, analysis, and application for prioritized contention-based protocols in wireless nonsaturated environment
ZHAO Qing-Lin Finished
framework for efficient realization of neighborhood search algorithms on many-core platforms
LAM Yuet Ming Finished
6 Web spam detection, an investigation using artificial neural networks TSOI Ah-Chung Finished
7 The Variable Precision Framework of FRS and its Applications Tsang Cheung-choy Finished
Research of new algorithm for large numbers of data processing and its applications
QI Dong-Xu Finished

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