Faculty Staff

Administrative Staff
Name Position Email
Zhang Du Dean duzhang@must.edu.mo
Li Jian Qing Assistant Dean jqli@must.edu.mo
Cai Zhan Chuan Assistant Dean zccai@must.edu.mo
Li Xiao Dong Program Director xdli@must.edu.mo
Ma Chao Coordinator of the GE Maths Program cma@must.edu.mo
Cheang Chak Fong (Andy) Laboratory Coordinator cfcheang@must.edu.mo
Joey Wong Administrative Staff lmawong@must.edu.mo
Rachel Leong Administrative Staff wcleong@must.edu.mo
Fong Kit Man Administrative Staff kmfong@must.edu.mo
Quincy, Kang Qing Administrative Staff qkang@must.edu.mo
Carter Wong IT Laboratory Technician ksawong@must.edu.mo
Zhuang JianXin IT Laboratory Technician jxzhuang@must.edu.mo
Academic Staff
Name Job Role Email
Dean/Professor* Professor duzhang@must.edu.mo
Li Song Xiao* Distinguished Guest Professor sxli@must.edu.mo
Li Ziqing* Distinguished Guest Professor stan.zq.li@gmail.com
Liang Yingchang* Distinguished Guest Professor ycliang@must.edu.mo
Yin Zhao Yang* Distinguished Guest Professor zyyin@must.edu.mo
Zhou Yong* Distinguished Guest Professor yozhou@must.edu.mo
Zou Zhigang* Distinguished Guest Professor -
Li Jian Qing* Professor jqli@must.edu.mo
Cai Zhan Chuan* Professor zccai@must.edu.mo
Tian Xiao Lin* Professor xltian@must.edu.mo
Wong Hon Cheng* Professor hcwong@must.edu.mo
Zhao Qing Lin* Professor qlzhao@must.edu.mo
Qian Tao Professor(Research) tqian@must.edu.mo
Ma Chao* Associate Professor/Coordinator of the GE Maths Program cma@must.edu.mo
Bai Li Ping* Associate Professor lipbai@must.edu.mo
Dai Hong Ning* Associate Professor hndai@must.edu.mo
Dang Pei* Associate Professor pdang@must.edu.mo
Feng Li* Associate Professor lfeng@must.edu.mo
Li Dong* Associate Professor dli@must.edu.mo
Li Xiao Dong* Associate Professor xdli@must.edu.mo
Lu Xiao Ping* Associate Professor xplu@must.edu.mo
Tsang Cheung Choy* Associate Professor cctsang@must.edu.mo
Zhang Tao* Associate Professor tazhang@must.edu.mo
Liang Yan Yan* Associate Professor yyliang@must.edu.mo
Liu Xin Associate Professor xiliu@must.edu.mo
Cheang Chak Fong (Andy)* Assistant Professor cfcheang@must.edu.mo
Leung Po (Alex)* Assistant Professor pleung@must.edu.mo
Li Hui Min Assistant Professor hmli@must.edu.mo
Liang Zhi Yao* Assistant Professor zyliang@must.edu.mo
Lo Sio Long* Assistant Professor sllo@must.edu.mo
Subrota Kumar Mondal Assistant Professor skmondal@must.edu.mo
Peng Yu Yang Assistant Professor yypeng@must.edu.mo
U Kin Tak* Assistant Professor ktu@must.edu.mo
Wang Li Assistant Professor liwang-fi@must.edu.mo
Xiao Xuan Xuan Assistant Professor xxxiao@must.edu.mo
Yang Lei Assistant Professor leiyang@must.edu.mo
Yuan Xiao Chen* Assistant Professor xcyuan@must.edu.mo
Wu Yang Assistant Professor ywu@must.edu.mo
Song Yun Lin Lecturer ylsong@must.edu.mo
Wang Zhi Qiang Lecturer zqwang@must.edu.mo
Yu Cui E Lecturer cyu@must.edu.mo
Reserach Assistant Staff
Name Job Rule Email

Lan Ting

Postdoctoral Fellow(Cai Zhan Chuan)


Huang Hai Hui

Postdoctoral Fellow(Liang Yong)


Ye Ben

Postdoctoral Fellow(Can Zhan Chuang)


Xia Gui Yu

Postdoctoral Fellow(Zhang Du)


Ngan Sio Weng

Research Assistant(Li Dong)


Yuan Hao Liang

Postdoctoral Fellow(Liang Yong)


Pan Wen Liang

Postdoctoral Fellow( Dang Pei)


Lin Xu Xin

Postdoctoral Fellow( Liang Yan Yan )


Adjunct Professors & Visiting Professor
Name Job Role Email
Mehmet Orgun Adjunct Professor -
Zhang Hai Adjunct Professor -
Name Job Role Email
Peng Shu Cheng Ph.D. supervisor -

Remark: All assistant professors or above can supervise master students while names with "*" can supervise both doctoral and master students.

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