Leung Po

Assistant Professor Leung Po

Faculty of Information Technology


Office: A210

Tel.: +853-8897 2372

E-mail: pleung@must.edu.mo

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/alexpleung

Academic Qualification:
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (Computer Vision at Univ. of London)
  • MPhil in Physics (Astrophysics at Univ. of Hong Kong)
  • BSc in IT (Dept. of EE at City Univ. of Hong Kong)
Teaching Area
  • Machine Learning
  • Object-Oriented/Procedural Programming
Research Area

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Astrophysics/Astronomy, Bioionformatics

Working Experience
  • Assitant Professor, Faculty of IT, Macau University of Science and Technology, March 2015 - present.
  • Quantitative Analyst (portfolio optimization), Sentient Technologies LLC (formerly Genetic Finance), 2013 - 2015.
  • Visiting Research Associate, Faculty of IT, Macau University of Science and Technology, 2012 - 2013.
  • Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Leoben, Austria, 2008 - 2011.
  • Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Queen Mary, University of London, 2003 - 2006.
  • Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Physics, University of Hong Kong, 2003 - 2006.

Academic Publication (selected)

  • S Luo, J Xu, Z Jiang, L Liu, Q Wu, ELH Leung, AP Leung, Artificial Intelligence-Based Collaborative Filtering Method with Ensemble Learning for Personalized Lung Cancer Medicine without Genetic Sequencing, Pharmacological Research, 2020
  • S Luo, AP Leung, CY Hui, KL Li, An investigation on the factors affecting machine learning classifications in gamma-ray astronomy, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2020
  • S Luo, AP Leung, H Zhang, Deep Learning Features Through Dictionary Learning with Improved Clustering for Image Classification, NeurIPS Workshop on Sets and Paritions 2019
  • Zakria Hussain, Alex Po Leung, Kitsuchart Pasupa, David R. Hardoon, Peter Auer, John Shawe-Taylor:
    Exploration-Exploitation of Eye Movement Enriched Multiple Feature Spaces for Content-Based Image Retrieval. ECML/PKDD, 2010.
  • Alex Po Leung, Shaogang Gong:
    Optimizing Distribution-based Matching by Random Subsampling. CVPR 2007
  • Alex Po Leung, Shaogang Gong:
    Mean-Shift Tracking with Random Sampling. BMVC 2006
  • K.S. Cheng, L. Zhang, P. Leung, Z.J. Jiang, Gamma-ray Emission Properties from Mature Pulsars in the Galaxy and in the Gould Belt",The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 608, Issue 1, pp. 418-426, 2004.

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