Environmental Sciences Laboratory

Location: Room J120, at the ground floor of Block J.

Description: The main research directions of the environmental science laboratory are polluted soil remediation technology, solid waste solid waste recycling technology, water processing technology, and ecological water conservancy technology.

Equipment: UV-Vis spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, artificial climate box, solvent extraction device, microwave digestion device, solid phase extraction device, pH /conductivity meter.


Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Room

Location: Room I103, at the ground floor of Block I.

Description: The main research direction of the Environmental Science Laboratory is high-precision analysis of material components, as well as the separation and purification of highly complex environmental samples.

Equipment: ThermoFisher GC HRMS Orbitrap Exactive, ThermoFisher Dionex IC Integrion, Electrochemical Workstation.

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