M.U.S.T Research Seminar- Biometrics:new Challenges and Developments



  Research Seminar

Title: Biometrics: New Challenges and Developments

Date and Venue: 2:30 pm, 29th March, 2011 in Room A201, Macau University of Science and Technology

Presenter Professor  David  Zhang,  Chair  Professor,  Department  of  Computing,  Hong  Kong
Polytechnic University.

Abstract of the talk
    The importance of biometrics is growing rapidly, and the volume of biological data is increasing exponentially. These  data  are  characterized  by  their  variety  and  heterogeneity,  which  are  related to different organic structures, environments, and spatial scales, and their derivation from multiple sources.  This  is  why,  in  the  modern  and  automated  world,  there  exists  an  ever-growing  need  to explore biometric technology.
    Generally,  biometrics deals with human body based data processing.       This means that biomet-ric data are from human body.    It is clear that biometric data are in both macrocosm (such as face, hand, waist, etc.) and microcosm (such as DNA). In fact, our research mainly involve the appearance data of human body, such as fingerprint identification and tongue diagnosis, which can be obtained directly externally without invasive procedures.  Based on the data from human body, there are two kinds of characteristics: steady or regular features, and dynamic or changeable features.  The former characteristics, such as fingerprint, voice, face, palmprint and bodily form, are useful for authenti- cating and measuring individual identities. Whereas the latter characteristics may contribute towards medical processing using various approaches like medicine imaging/biological data,including DNA,tongue, pulse, complexion and odor.     Therefore, our aim will be focus on the following two major areas categorized under the biometrics: Biometrics Authentication and Biometrics Diagnosis. In this talk, Professor Zhang will provide plenty of examples from his research in this area.


Brief curriculum vitae of Professor Zhang
    David Zhang graduated in Computer Science from Peking University.He received his MSc in Computer Science in 1982 and his PhD in 1985 from the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). From 1986 to 1988 he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Tsinghua University and then an Associate Professor at the Academia Sinica, Beijing. In 1994 he received his second PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  Currently, he is a Chair Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University where he is the Founding Director of the Biometrics Technol- ogy Centre (UGC/CRC) supported by the Hong Kong SAR Government in 1998.  He also serves as Visiting Chair Professor in Tsinghua University, and Adjunct Professor in Shanghai Jiao Tong Uni- versity,  Peking University,  Harbin Institute of Technology,  and the University of Waterloo. He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Image and Graphics (IJIG); Book Editor, Springer International Series on Biometrics (KISB); Organizer, the first International Conference on Biometrics Authentication (ICBA); Associate Editor of more than ten international journals including IEEE Transactions and Pattern Recognition; Technical Committee Chair of IEEE CIS and the author of more than 10 books and 200 journal papers. Professor Zhang is a Croucher Senior Research Fellow, Distinguished Speaker of the IEEE Computer Society, and a Fellow of both IEEE and IAPR.

This is part of a research seminar series to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the founding of the
Macau University of Science and Technology