Professor Han Yi of Chang'an University was Invited to Give a Speech

The Faculty of Information Technology of Macau University of Science and Technology held an online academic seminar on July 22, 2021 (Zoom ID: 92380997465). We invited Prof. Han Yi from Chang'an University to be the guest speaker of this seminar. He gave a lecture on "Detailed Technical Issues of Unmanned Driving from Laboratory to Product". 


With the further development of unmanned vehicle technology, more and more research results from the laboratory and test prototype to the product began to move forward. This report focused on the detailed technical issues faced by unmanned driving in the process from laboratory to product and provides an in-depth analysis of the possible difficulties encountered, with a view to exploring and looking forward to the broad prospects of unmanned driving from the technical aspect.


Han Yi is a professor of Chang'an University, a postdoctoral fellow of Tsinghua University, a visiting scholar of the University of California, a board member of Shaanxi Young Scientists Association, an expert of intelligent networked vehicles of the National Automotive Industry Productivity Promotion Center, a member of the Professional Committee of Unmanned Systems of the China Command and Control Society, a deputy secretary of the China Vehicle Network and Intelligent Vehicle Testing Technology Innovation Alliance, an expert of new energy and intelligent networked vehicle of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and a deputy secretary of the China Automobile Culture Committee. He has been committed to the research and development of unmanned intelligent vehicle systems, and has principally investigated or participated in many research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Key Research and Development Program, the Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province, the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Tackle, and the National "863" Program, etc. He has published more than 20 scientific papers and granted more than 200 patents. In recent years, he has devoted himself to the technical research and marketing of various unmanned vehicles, such as passenger cars, medium-sized buses, freight cars and express logistics vehicles, etc. His representative works include unmanned express delivery vehicles for campuses, unmanned prototype vehicles for Chang'an University, unmanned freight cars for Hancheng, Shaanxi, and unmanned medium-sized buses for Qingdao, Shandong.