Important Notice

In view of the latest re-emergence and development of COVID-19, and with the launch of the national nucleic acid test by the Macau S.A.R. Government, the flow of people and vehicle entering and leaving the campus increased significantly. To prevent and control the further spread of the pandemic inside the campus, traffic arrangements on campus will be adjusted starting from 3pm October 5th 2021. For details please refer to the following table and attached map.

Campus Entrances


North Gate 2 (opposite to Block A)- Campus Entrance


North Gate 1 (next to University Hospital, Block H)-Nucleic Acid Test Entrance

South Gate (next to TIS, Block L)

Exit Only  

East Gate (next to Gymnasium Entrance, Block J)


Pedestrian Entrance to the parking area of Block C

Pedestrian Entrance next to Block R (LRT-MUST Station)

In addition, all staff and all students entering the campus should visibly carry their staff or student card. Inspection stations will be set up at North Gate 1 and 2. All individuals entering the campus building must undergo body temperature check and present the “Macau Health Code” (green code).

Once again, we call on all staff and all students to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities, pay attention to personal hygiene and health. All resident students should stay in the dormitory as much as possible and avoid gathering.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Attached map


Macau University of Science and Technology

The Leading Group on COVID-19 Prevention and Control

October 05, 2021