Success Starts Here - MSB 2022/2023 Student Orientation

School of Business (MSB) welcomed nearly 2,300 new students, including about 1,000 undergraduates and about 1,300 postgraduates at 2022/2023 academic year. MSB held a series of orientation activities for new students in the autumn season.

Due to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, it is the first time that the School held a hybrid meeting (both online and offline) with around 1,000 freshmen on September 25, 2022. The students attended the Zoom meeting in 16 classrooms under the guidance of the class mentors (Figure 1). The meeting was hosted by Assistant Dean Zhang Zhuo. Dean Sheng Ni welcomed all the students for joining this big family (Figure 2). She wishes the students to explore, to learn to grow up, to seek knowledge and to become a fearless and continuous learner. Assistant Dean Zhang Zhuo introduced the School including the curriculum of different majors, the faculty members of the three departments and the characteristics of various competitions. The School also invited an outstanding student representative, Ms. Linjie Fu, to share her experience of studying at MUST (Figure 3). She encouraged students to plan for their study and to manage the time efficiently.

After that, it came to the orientation for Master’s students and Assistant Dean Tang Huajun hosted the meeting. He introduced the teaching and research areas of the postgraduate programs (Figure 4). Dean Sheng Ni delivered a speech to encourage postgraduates to think independently, to focus on doing research, and to strive for achievements.

Besides, the orientation session for Doctoral students was held during the first week of the academic year. Dean Sheng Ni, Prof. Shi Guicheng and Prof. Liu Chengkun attended the session and expressed a warm welcome to the new students (Figure 5). In particular, seven senior DBA students were invited to share their experiences.

Autumn is not just a period for fruitful harvests, and it is also a period for hope. The political activist in USA, Martin Luther King had a famous speech “I have a dream” Similarly, we also have a dream in our hearts: To forge the spirit of MSB with enthusiasm and to create the brilliance of MSB with wisdom. Now, our success starts here!

Figure 1. Orientation session of undergraduate students

Figure 2. Dean Sheng Ni gave a welcome speech Figure 3. Ms. Linjie Fu (student representative) shared study experience in MUST

Figure 4. Orientation session of Master’s students

Figure 5. Orientation session of Doctoral students

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