Faculty Staff

Administrative Staff
Name Position E-mail
So Jacky Yuk Chow Vice President / Dean (concurrently appointed) jycso@must.edu.mo
Sheng Ni Executive Vice Dean nis@must.edu.mo
Zhang Jing Hua Assistant Dean jhuzhang@must.edu.mo
Liu Cheng Kun Head of Department of Accounting and Finance ckliu@must.edu.mo
Zhang Zhuo Associate Head of Department of
Accounting and Finance
Tian Qing Head of Department of Management qtian@must.edu.mo
Tang Hua Jun Head of Department of Decision Sciences hjtang@must.edu.mo
Lo Sut Ieng Administrative Staff(Faculty Secretary) silo@must.edu.mo
Chan Pek Kei Administrative Staff pkchan@must.edu.mo
Wong I Wa Administrative Staff iwawong@must.edu.mo
Chen Ying Xin Administrative Staff yingchen@must.edu.mo
Huang Ching Han Administrative Staff chhuang@must.edu.mo
Cheong Iao Ieng Administrative Staff iicheong@must.edu.mo
Chao I Kuan Administrative Staff ikchao@must.edu.mo
Cheng Dan Dan Administrative Staff ddcheng@must.edu.mo
Jing Qian Administrative Staff qjing@must.edu.mo
Zhou Yu Lin Administrative Staff ylzhou@must.edu.mo
Liu Ke Yin Administrative Staff kyliu@must.edu.mo
Academic Staff
Department of Accounting and Finance
Name Title Major Email Address
SO, JACKY YUK CHOW* Chair Professor Finance jycso@must.edu.mo
CHEN, HSING HUNG* Professor Finance hhchen@must.edu.mo
LIN, ZHIJUN* Professor Accounting zlin@must.edu.mo
LIU, CHENGKUN* Professor Finance ckliu@must.edu.mo
ZHOU, LIGANG* Professor Finance ligzhou@must.edu.mo
HSIAO, YU LING* Associate Professor Applied Economics ylhsiao@must.edu.mo
LIN, YONGJIA* Associate Professor Finance yjlin@must.edu.mo
MA, RUFEI* Associate Professor Finance rfma@must.edu.mo
PANG, YU* Associate Professor Applied Economics ypang@must.edu.mo
SONG, YU* Associate Professor Finance ysong@must.edu.mo
WANG, JIA* Associate Professor Finance jwang@must.edu.mo
WU, SHIANG HAU* Associate Professor Applied Economics shwu@must.edu.mo
ZENG, NING* Associate Professor Finance nzeng@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, HAOMIN* Associate Professor Accounting hmizhang@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, JINGHUA* Associate Professor Applied Economics jhuzhang@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, ZHUO* Associate Professor Accounting zzhang@must.edu.mo
ZHAO, SHIYONG* Associate Professor Applied Economics syzhao@must.edu.mo
CAO, QUN Assistant Professor Accounting qcao@must.edu.mo
CHAN, LIN KUN Assistant Professor Accounting likchan@must.edu.mo
CHU, SHUN HO* Assistant Professor Finance shchu@must.edu.mo
CHUI, CHIN MAN Assistant Professor Applied Economics cmchui@must.edu.mo
JIANG, XIAOYANG* Assistant Professor Applied Economics xyjiang@must.edu.mo
LI, YING Assistant Professor Accounting yili@must.edu.mo
LI, YOU Assistant Professor Finance youli@must.edu.mo
LU, CHUN Assistant Professor Accounting clu@must.edu.mo
LYU, CHAN* Assistant Professor Accounting chlyu@must.edu.mo
SUN, HONGYAN* Assistant Professor Accounting hysun@must.edu.mo
TAM, KWO PING* Assistant Professor Applied Economics kptam@must.edu.mo
TANG, XIAOLEI* Assistant Professor Finance xltang@must.edu.mo
U, SIO CHONG Assistant Professor Finance scu@must.edu.mo
WANG, SHAOSONG* Assistant Professor Finance sswang@must.edu.mo
WEI, XINYANG Assistant Professor Applied Economics xywei@must.edu.mo
YAN, WENJIA Assistant Professor Accounting wjyan@must.edu.mo
YIN, YUN* Assistant Professor Finance yyin@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, FAN Assistant Professor Finance fanzhang@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, TIANYU Assistant Professor Accounting tyzhang@must.edu.mo
ZHUO, SHUAIHE* Assistant Professor Applied Economics shzhuo@must.edu.mo
JIAN, PU Lecturer Accounting pjian@must.edu.mo
LIU, LIFEN Lecturer Accounting lfliu@must.edu.mo
WANG, SHUYANG Lecturer Accounting sywang@must.edu.mo
WU, XIAOYU Lecturer Accounting xywu@must.edu.mo
Department of Management
Name Title Major Email Address
SHI, GUICHENG* Professor Marketing gcshi@must.edu.mo
SUN, LIYUN* Professor Human Resources lysun@must.edu.mo
TAO, XIANGNAN* Professor Human Resources xntao@must.edu.mo
TIAN, QING* Professor Human Resources qtian@must.edu.mo
CHANG, PO CHIEN* Associate Professor Human Resources pcchang@must.edu.mo
FONG, HOI IN* Associate Professor Internal Business hifong@must.edu.mo
JIANG, LING* Associate Professor Marketing lijiang@must.edu.mo
NIE, TING* Associate Professor Human Resources tnie@must.edu.mo
QIN, YAO* Associate Professor Marketing yqin@must.edu.mo
SHI, YONGDONG* Associate Professor Marketing ydshi@must.edu.mo
SHIU, YU WEN* Associate Professor Marketing ywshiu@must.edu.mo
SONG, YANAN* Associate Professor Internal Business ynsong@must.edu.mo
ZOU, WENCHI* Associate Professor Human Resources wczou@must.edu.mo
BU, HUIMEI* Assistant Professor Marketing hmbu@must.edu.mo
CAI, QIHAI Assistant Professor Human Resources qhcai@must.edu.mo
CHEN, HUANYONG (CALEB) Assistant Professor Marketing huaychen@must.edu.mo
HAN, LIFENG* Assistant Professor Human Resources lfhan@must.edu.mo
IM, HONG KEI* Assistant Professor Human Resources hkim@must.edu.mo
Iwaloye, Ojo Olukayode Assistant Professor Internal Business oiwaloye@must.edu.mo
LI, YANCHEN* Assistant Professor Marketing ycli@must.edu.mo
LIAO, YI-CHUAN Assistant Professor Marketing ycliao@must.edu.mo
LIN, YING-YIN Assistant Professor Human Resources yylin@must.edu.mo
LIU, WEIHUA Assistant Professor Internal Business whliu@must.edu.mo
TIAN, MI Assistant Professor Human Resources mtian@must.edu.mo
WU, PO JUI* Assistant Professor Marketing pjwu@must.edu.mo
WU, QIONG Assistant Professor Human Resources qiwu@must.edu.mo
WU, TING* Assistant Professor Human Resources twu@must.edu.mo
XU, JINFEI* Assistant Professor Internal Business jfxu@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, HONGMIN Assistant Professor Internal Business hmzhang@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, QIANRU* Assistant Professor Internal Business qrzhang@must.edu.mo
Department of Decision Sciences
Name Title Major Email Address
PANG, CHUAN* Professor Decision Sciences cpang@must.edu.mo
SHENG, NI* Professor Decision Sciences nis@must.edu.mo
TANG, HUAJUN* Professor Decision Sciences hjtang@must.edu.mo
CHEN, YAN* Associate Professor Decision Sciences yachen@must.edu.mo
HUANG, YUN* Associate Professor Decision Sciences yuhuang@must.edu.mo
LI, XIN* Associate Professor Decision Sciences xli@must.edu.mo
LIU, YIDE* Associate Professor Decision Sciences ydliu@must.edu.mo
ZHAO, HONGHAO* Associate Professor Decision Sciences hhzhao@must.edu.mo
CHE, PAK HOU Assistant Professor Decision Sciences pahche@must.edu.mo
CHEN, YUE Assistant Professor Decision Sciences yuchen@must.edu.mo
HUANG, FEI* Assistant Professor Decision Sciences fhuang@must.edu.mo
IO, HIO NAM (HELMOND) Assistant Professor Decision Sciences hnio@must.edu.mo
IP, KWAI FUN* Assistant Professor Decision Sciences kfip@must.edu.mo
JIANG, HUIMIN Assistant Professor Decision Sciences hmjiang@must.edu.mo
LI, CHUNSHENG Assistant Professor Decision Sciences csli@must.edu.mo
Part-time Staff
Name Position E-mail
Chair Prof. Edwin TC CHENG Honorary Professor -
Prof. Xiaohui QU Honorary Professor -
Prof. Pengfei NI Honorary Professor -
Prof. Michael TARN Honorary Professor -
Prof. Shuming Zhao Honorary Professor -
Prof. Congdong Li Honorary Professor -
Prof. Qiang YAN Distinguished Guest Professor qyan@must.edu.mo
Prof. Benjamin TAI Visiting Professor taifcgc@gmail.com
Prof. Qingliang TANG Visiting Professor q.tang@uws.edu.au
Prof. Jamie WANG Visiting Professor wangz@uwp.edu
Prof. Jason XIAO Visiting Professor Xiao@cardiff.ac.uk
Prof. Lianghua CHEN Visiting Professor lianghua_c@vip.163.com
Prof. Su Lin PANG Visiting Professor pangsulin@163.com
Prof. Qingxin LAN Visiting Professor nankai_skylan@126.com
Prof. Jing HAN Visiting Professor nkhanj@bnu.edu.cn
Prof. Zhifeng WANG Visiting Professor wangzf@cufe.edu.cn
Prof. Houjun LIU Visiting Professor hjliu@must.edu.mo
Prof. Tianjiao CHU Visiting Professor tjchu@celap.org.co
Prof. Jisheng PENG Visiting Professor jspeng@nju.edu.cn
Prof. Zhengtang ZHANG Visiting Professor zhangzt75@vip.sina.com
Prof. Allan KK CHAN Visiting Professor kkachan@ouhk.edu.hk
Prof. Yonggui WANG Visiting Professor ygwang@uibe.edu.cn;
Prof. Haizhong WANG Visiting Professor wangzh@mail.sysu.edu.cn
Prof. Wynne CHIN Visiting Professor wchin@uh.edu
Prof. Harald MARTENS Visiting Professor harald.martens@ntnu.no‎
Prof. Hong LING Visiting Professor hling@fudan.edu.cn
Prof. George Q. HUANG Visiting Professor gqhuang@hku.hk
Prof. Guolong LIN Visiting Professor linglzm@163.com
Prof. Chi To Daniel NG Visiting Professor daniel.ng@polyu.edu.hk
Prof. Houcai SHEN Visiting Professor hcshen@nju.edu.cn
Prof. Guowei HUA Visiting Professor gwhua@bjtu.edu.cn
Prof. Ting QU Visiting Professor quting@jnu.edu.cn
Prof. Baozhuang NIU Visiting Professor bmniubz@scut.edu.cn
Prof. Chang CAI Visiting Professor caichang@126.com
Prof. Lichung Roger Yin Visiting Professor yinl@uww.edu
Prof. Suxiu XU Visiting Professor xusuxiu@qq.com
Dr. Ke FENG Visiting Associate Professor fengke@pku.cn
Dr. Chi Tin HON Visiting Associate Professor cthon@must.edu.mo
Dr. Qingying LI Visiting Associate Professor liqingying@dhu.edu.cn
Dr. Bahar GHEZELAYAGH Visiting Associate Professor b.ghezelayagh@uea.ac.uk
Dr. Luping WANG Visiting Associate Professor wangtong@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
Dr. Hua KANG Visiting Associate Professor voa78@163.com
Mr. Hongxing GAO Guest Professor -
Prof. Allen M. W. WONG Guest Professor allen.w@cmaaustralia.hk
Mr. Peng FU Guest Professor fupenglondon@Foxmail.com
Mr. Peng LIN Guest Professor lingpeng_80@163.com
Dr. Dongxiang ZHANG Guest Professor zdx99@163.com
Mr. Xiaodong ZHANG Guest Professor -
Mr. Jeffrey R WILLIAMS Guest Professor j.williams@mac.com
Dr. Soi Hoi LAM Guest Professor soihoi.lam@gmail.com
Mr. Xueming GU Guest Professor guxueming5297@163.com
Prof. Chun-Hung CHENG Guest Professor chcheng@se.cuhk.edu.hk
Dr. Toa CHARM Guest Professor toacharm@gmail.com
Prof. Ning SHI Guest Professor shining@hashvictor.com
Dr. Hoi Po WONG Guest Associate Professor paulhpwong@hotmail.com
Ms. Vicky KOO Guest Associate Professor vkoo@supply-chain.org


Remarks: * represents those academic staff, whose rank is assistant professor or above, also supervise doctoral students.

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